No signs of preparing to labour after a sweep?

Hi, I'm 40+2 today. From 39th week I had some 'preparing for labour' signs - period like cramps, Braxton's every night, nesting, loose poo, etc. On 39+5 my MW attmpted to do a sweep, but she couldn't (cervix still posterior, tight), booked another at 40+5 (fingers crossed :) ). Since a sweep all signs stopped. No cramps, nothing... I'm wondering is it normal?

I don't like to be induced so I'm trying to walk more, sit on a labour ball (sex is out of question, my husband don't feel comfy knowing the baby is inside...). Should I be worried about no labour signs? What else could I do to speed up my labour a bit?


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  • Been there! Had early labour symptoms from 36wks, stopping and starting. Four sweeps and I still didn't go into proper labour until 41 weeks!! The body is a weird thing so try not to worry if it is normal coz it will do its own thing and baby will be here one way or another. Just watch out for leaks. I was leaking fluid from 36 weeks and no one believed me and I ended up with an emergency c section under general anaesthetic and me and baby had infections :/ dont want to scare you lol just don't want anyone going through the same. Good luck and hope it starts soon!! x

  • Thanks! I didn't have a show and no leaks so far, just heavier discharge. I also hope it will start soon. I've gained 20kg and a terrible legs swelling is killing me:/

  • Quick question you said you were leaking fluid, silly question what was it like as I may be doing the same but because I've had no internal examinations I don't know for sure. How did you find out???

  • If ur leaking fluid put a pad on and if in a couple of hours its quite wet I wud ring ur epau x

  • One morning I got up and had a little puddle on the bed. Wasn't urine. Then a couple of times a week I would have damp knickers...but not discharge as this was white and thicker. Kept telling them and they asked me to wear a pad to look at but it basically was no use. So next time I won't leave there until they absolutely believe me as even when my waters majority broke, the membrane hadn't split where they expected and the midwife popped another section accidentally and I nearly flooded the place lol. X

  • Hi again,

    I wear a pad all the time due to bleeding everyday with the polyps I have on my cervix. Sometimes after I have been for a wee I then do leake a bit but because it's usually pink/red I have put it down to the polyp issue. I haven't had any discharge either. So maybe it's just a weak pelvic floor for me!!!

  • It could be that. weird as it sounds, try to see if it smells of urine. Mine weren't toilet related and didn't smell of anything and yet I was still told maybe I'd wet myself :/ x

  • Hi,

    I'm 41/2 and have been booked for an sweep tmrw afternoon. I'm unsure if I'll bother as one I live roughly 20 miles from the hospital and if I went for no reason I would be livid and two I have polyps on my cervix so I will bleed like buggery if they do the sweep.

    I'm booked in for an induction on Friday and have no doubt I will be in hospital all weekend with hopefully a baby to show for my troubles by Monday at the latest!!! As I am currently at the end of my rope with it all!!!

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