Feel like death!

Hi guys,

So 37 weeks today and i feel terrible! Apart from continuous low iron levels (which im going to the consultant tommorow to discuss) i have had a cold fluey type thing for the past week. Nose keeps running (although its not blocked, just keeps running!) but worst is my chest. Feels like a chest infection, whenever i cough i go into a coughing fit for like a minute or so, im surprised baby hasnt popped out! It hurts and im all achey, im due 20th jan but going for sweep thing on the 14th so lets hope im all better before then!

Anything i can do to ease the pain? I dont really want to take paracetomol if im honest.


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Think u need to see ur g.p get ur chest checked out u don't want to be rough when u go into labour. .. and chest infections can get worse left untreated and ur just feel worse


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