Referred to an endocrinologist due to very high prolactin and estrogen?

My Dr did blood tests for the last two months and has now told me I have unusually high readings for both prolactin and estrogen. She says she's referred me to an endocrinologist in Edinburgh, as the standard tests for thyroid function, diabetes etc have come back clear and she is not sure of the cause. She said it was pretty much impossible for me to get pregnant while my hormones are so out of balance. She seemed to think there might be quite a long wait for me to see the specialist.

Does anyone have experience of something similar, or been to the endocrinologist in Edinburgh or Scotland?

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  • I was referred to an endocrinologist about 20 months ago as my hormone levels were 'post menopausal'. My lo is 8 weeks old today and was conceived naturally. Nothing is impossible! Good luck.

  • I was diagnosed with high prolactin about one year ago. My estrogen was normal, though. The cause of my high prolactin (and from what I read in most cases) is a pituitary bening tumour. High prolactin inhibits ovulation, thus no pregnancy. I saw an endocrinologist, who put me on bromocriptine to lower my prolactin. It took a while to find the right dose, but finally I got pregnant in September. Unfortunately, I miscarried. Many people get pregnant quickly once they start the bromocriptine

    I live in England, so I don't know how waiting times are in Scotland, but if you can afford it and the waiting list for the NHS is too long, you can go privately... your go surgery will handle the blood test and prescriptions.

    Good luck. I know how hard it is.

  • I work in private medical insurance and as far as I'm aware, Scotland don't have waiting lists like England do.

    Don't quote me but I have heard of people finding a specialist that works both privately and on the NHS (using Dr paying for a private initial consultation then because they are in the "hospital system" rather than being under the gp they can be transferred to the nhs more quickly, if it is actually that simple I don't know though....

  • I had high prolactin levels and had to see the endocrinologist. I was first given bromocryptine which made me feel pretty ill and didn't get my periods going but then switched to cabergoline. I had no ill effects from it and my periods started again within a couple of months and I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I found the endocrinologist to be really helpful and informative so it is good that you have been referred.

  • Hi. Could I ask you whether your endocrinologist kept you on cabergoline whilst pregnant? Thanks!

  • After having the MRI scan he said that I should stop taking it as soon as I found out I was pregnant but not to worry at all about falling pregnant on it.

  • Thanks, good to know.:-)

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