Just wanting some advice plz guys :-)

I'm due on Wednesday the little lady has been playing games for several weeks being in early labour with contractions etc on and off but this morning and still throughout the day every time I wipe seem to get a stringy discharge or jelly like stuff. I presume this could be the mucus plug maybe? I haven't had any contractions so far. Does this mean labour may be on its way or anyone know how long after before things started happening as I'm seriously fed up now! Thanks x

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  • Hi yes its your mucus plug coming awaycall your local hhospital let them know whats happening so they can make a note you will generally get contraction later on but all women and pregnancy is different gd luck hun and all the best for you and baby xxx

  • Thanks for your response I'm hoping it definitely is but wondering why no contractions as of yet or how much longer I have to wait I'm getting so impatient haha. Xx

  • I know how you feel i was like yourself in may . Just monitor your self keep walking around as much as poss this helped me bring on my contractions after my mucus plug came away try a hot bath that may all so work x

  • U can lose it mucus plug and nothing happen well that's what happened to me! But it is a sign of things moving forward and ur due soon so sounds good :)

  • Hi, have you contact your midwife or hospital.? Good luck.

  • No I haven't as haven't had the contractions so didn't think needed to? X

  • I lost mine 2 weeks b4 giving birth..its one of many signs things could b imminent x

  • People who I know said none of the plug waters etc went until in established labour so doesn't always mean anything I guess but as I've been getting it 2day I'm hoping I won't be waiting too much longer haha x

  • Just keep an eye on it..I didnt think worth telling hospital as the possibility tht u might hav a couple of weeks yet or on the other hand u might hav a couple of days...yeh my waters didnt go till 5 mins b4 I gave birth..not long to go tho x

  • Been getting a bit of cramping but this morning there doesn't seem to be much when I wipe. I don't think I can go 2 weeks over and don't want to be induced really as I've heard labour can take longer and be more painful. Thanks for ur reply. Incase anything happens and I'm not on here, happy new year :-) x

  • Same to u and I hope things happen quickly. .do u hav a birthing ball..if u do bounce on tht or if u and ur partner r up for it a bit of sexy time lol xx

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