Help hungry baby!!!!

I can imagine I know the answer to this is just keel goin! but if anyone does have any advice or have had similar thing would really like to know! My lo is just under 13weeks and ebf at round about 9 weeks she was sleeping through most nights or only getting up once a night a few weeks ago she became very colicy and was up all the time sleeping for no longer than an hour at a time.colic seems to touch woodbe ok at mhe moment but now she is up every 2-3 hours wanting feeding she wont take a bottle so cant give her formula tk fill her up! Ne ideas how to get her back to goin longer? X

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  • My Friend used to express the last night feed to see how much baby was getting and it worked well.... don't understand how thou! Just gotta make sure they have a big Feed my lo sleeps 3 hours then just has little feeds so only goes an hour and half after that! So I'm

    in awe of u! And she maybe having a growth spurt at the mo x

  • Prob is dont no how much she's getting as she wont take a bottle :( How old is ur lo? X

  • He's 10 weeks now he has gone 4-5 hours but only a few times :(

  • they do usually go through a growth spurt at tht age I had a few days when my son was 13 weeks he woke every few hrs he is ebf, I got tht sorted and now we hav some teeth trying to appear so hes a bit irritable atm. x

  • Did u continue 2 ebf? how old is ur lo now? im not convinced my lo isnt teething already she continuously has her fist in her mouth n dribbles loads

  • Yeh still bf as hes a pickle with a bottle..he will b 16 weeks tomorrow. She might b starting too they say their gums can feel very tingly b4 teething and yes dribbling...I went through 16 bibs alone yesterday lol.

    Yeh I hav put my finger in his mouth and there r a couple of teeth just by the surface. ..he chews anything and bf has been a bit painful a couple of times but I have got him this stuff..nelsons teething powder which u put in their mouth and it seems to help am also gonna get him an amber teething anklets which aparantly help...look it up online xx

  • Brilliant thanks I will have a look! she's taken to putting her entire fist in her mouth n sucking it really loudly n dribbles continuously so think it's def a pos!

  • It does sound like a growth spurt. I have a little one and ebf until 6 months and then continued to bf until 22 months (she naturally dropped feeds until she just had morning milk from me), the amount she wanted to feed varied on growth spurts, teething and health too, she drank more if she was unwell.

    We used bottles for expressed milk/formula if I was going away for a day or out for a night but had to work at getting her used to it by slowly introducing it with me before a bf feed once a day, initially with just a tiny bit of milk which we did not expect her to drink and then building up to having a good slug once she got the hang of it. My husband then did one feed a week to help her keep the hang of it. (I did not go out without her very often but it was good to know that even if I just popped out and got stuck she was not going to go hungry)

    The best advice I was given is that if behaviour changes it is probably 'just a faze' and is usually an outward sign of a bodily or emotional change we can't see and will pass x

  • I hope it is just a faze! realy struggling with getting her to take the bottle she usually just gets upset n screams till I give in n bf her ill keep trying sure ill get there eventually!

  • I think we cannot expect our babies to not take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. My LO like Ceribean is 14weeks and over Christmas slept like a log 10 &11 hrs straight, he is also EBF, no formula. Last 2 nights I struggle to get him down without a good cluster feed session and he's waking again early, last night was down 10.45 (very late for him & i started trying to settle 2hrs earlier as he looked knackered). was up for feed at 3.45 (fed and down in under 10 mins) then up again at 7.30. He to is teething, dribbling like crazy....face is all spotty :-( Just as I will get through this period he will have his 16 wk vaccination and I know he will regress again.

    I just accept that's the way it is to some extent and be thankful that I am not trying to do this and work.

    Your LO does sound like she is going through the 12-13wk growth spurt and I assume she's had her vaccines as well. Try to go with it you will come out the other side. In fact I remember at baby cafe the breast feeding councillor wait until week 13 like its expected. All the demands for more milk is getting your supply up, you are like a tag team :-) X

  • Glad its not just me just seems relentless at the minute! Sure she will come out the other side :)

  • You most definitely will :-)

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