2nd time mum's, how long did it take for your normal menstrual cycle to return?

So , after giving birth to my 2nd child on the 5 th of November 2013 it has just occurred to me that my normal / usual menstrual cycle has NOT yet made it's return.

O.K, I know the obvious question is have I had unprotected sexual intercourse with my other half / children's father & the answer is no.

I won't lie & say we haven't had S.E.X but I demanded he used a condom whilst I wait to see my G.P about the next course of contraception.

I was invited to my G.P surgery for (me & baby's) 6 wk check but due to the inconvenience of the appointment I had to re-book the appointment & the next available one was in the new year.

Apart from the "expected" tired-ness of having a new baby in the house & also finding ways entertaining a 5yr old ( at home) I'm not having any unusual or pregnancy related symptoms

So I guess my question is on average how long did it take for your usual menstrual cycle to return.

P.S All mum here feel free to answer I just thought it may "ring more of bell" with 2nd time mum's

Hope u all had a lovely Christmas & good luck for the new year



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  • I gave birth on 11th Oct and no sign yet of things restarting. Think it may take a while whilst breastfeeding (3rd child, but 1st in 14 years)

  • Thanks Dozymum

    Very reassuring to know im not in this alone


  • Are you breast feeding? I'm still bf my 7 month old and still no period so not too worry xx

  • Yes Im breastfeeding with 1 bottle "formula"feed at the evening.


    Thank-you for your reply, if at 7 months & still no show of period Ive got nothing to worry about. :)

  • Yea my gp told me that its unlikely but not unheard ofto not have periods until you reduce the breast feeding or not stop completely. Its great I love not having them lol xx

  • LOL!

    Yep its definitely a relief to not have seen my period lately.


  • I wish mine hadnt come bk..It came after 2 months :(

  • Aww thats unlucky :-( xx

  • I just think that's a case of everyone's body is different really but just unfortunate


  • Hi Chick, my boy arrived Sept 14th and I am EBF and no period & not on the pill. I was told BF can be form of contraception but not to take risks once say a night feed was dropped. Some women I think get cycles when they breast feed. I personally think my body/hormones go through the motions on a cycle but I do not menstruate does that make sense? Like super hormonal grumpy sensitive to name a few symptoms. Xx

    Ps Am a first timer as you know, it probably makes no odds what number your on as its all hormone controlled

  • Hi chick

    Yeah I can relate to the point you mentioned about our hormones going through a menstrual cycle but not actually menstruating as my moods are ridiculous on some days.

    I hope I didn't offend you by noting that the delay might only affect multiple mums as that definitely was not my intention.

    Hope you had a good chrimbo


  • No of course not haha.....it's all good & yes blinding Christmas thank you, definitely a bonus having a little man to share it with ;-) X

  • Good good


    This Christmas was definitely one I'll remember for sure


  • I only got my period back after BF stopped when my daughter was 2years.

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