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No periods for last 8 weeks but negative pregnancy test

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Hi There,

I am 31 years old female and always had regular cycle of 30 days but this time i did not get periods for almost last 8 weeks (my last period date was Nov 03 2013), me and my hubby planning for baby and not using any precaution. So initially i thought that i am pregnant but Pregancy test is negative. i did not had have any tension or any stress not sure what is causing this issue. Is it possible that pregnancy test kit can give false result.

I am very confused and getting impatient. Need some advice please! Thanks.

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U need to see ur g.p and they can refer u For blood test to check the pregnancy hormone in ur blood all the best :)

I think you should do a blood test or urine, pregnancy test kit can fail. but maybe stress could be a factor thats withholding back your period.

It might be worth doing another test. First thing in the morning is the best time to do it. If it still says negative, then talk to your GP. Good luck!

Awwwwwh! dear ,I think the clear blue digital pregnancy test kit is the best one. it will give you 99.9% accurate reading. Just check it out and see. you have to see your doctor if you haven't done so,for a blood test.

I got a neg test when I was pregnant, go to the docs and ask for a blood test for them to check your hcg levels. It was a blood test that revealed I was 7 weeks pregnant as my HCG levels were 2000. If they are over 25 then you will be in the early stages on pregnancy.

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Sam749 in reply to Megzey

Did you have symptoms? I'm 8 weeks late, my period was January 17 and have taken multiple pregnancy tests and all negative. I have an appointment next Thursday but in my mind the only reason I'd miss a period is if I'm pregnant since I'm regular. Idk just thought I'd ask you since I saw you had similar experience.

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Malajah15 in reply to Sam749

Were you pregnant? Because right now It has been 8 weeks and 1 days since my last period and at 5 weeks I had 3 negative pregnancy tests.

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