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My baby boy is here :-)

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Firstly sorry been away for a while been busy last couple weeks, but happy to announce my little bundle of joy made his appearance on Wednesday 4th December after a stressful 3days in labour. He weighed in at 6lbs8oz :-) x x picture attached x x

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Awwww beautiful boy xx congratulations and well done. Does your little man have a name xx

Aw lol sorry course he does his name is kayden x x

I love it! Enjoy your first Christmas together xx

Lovely pic :-) congratulations xx

Ah how gorgeous :-) Congratulations!

Congratulations and welcome to little kayden. X

Aww congratulations he's gorgeous x

Congratulations! He's a cutie x

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dons88....I love the profile pic!!

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Thanks! I thought it was about time I lost the stock profile pic ;-) love your little elf too x

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She's gorgeous...I just wanna eat those cheeks!! Lol x

Ahhh he's lovely congrats xxx

Ah bless, congratulations to you & Merry Christmas X

Congratulations hun, he's such a cutie xx

His so cute, am so much happy for you, when will my own come? i cant wait oo,

Nice eyes - what is his name?

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