7 week old not sleeping enough because of wind

Iv always had trouble with my LO having a lot of wind even though he is BF (with one bottle of formula each evening). The amount of air that he passes out of his bum is unbelievable, I don't know where he possibly keeps it all. The problem is that he struggles to push the air out & it causes him great discomfort & stops him from sleeping. He screams if I put him down on his back so he has to sleep on his side. During the day this will allow him to get a couple of hours sleep in his pram or car seat if we're out but at nighttime he wakes up after about 30 minutes straining & grunting until I have to pick him up. Iv tried bicycle legs & rubbing his tummy in a clockwise movement. We've also tried infacol & we are still using gripe water but we still have the problem. The only way I can comfort him is to feed him as breast milk contains a natural laxative but then this makes me feel like I'm over feeding him because I feel like I'm nursing most of the night. He sleeps on my chest which also makes me feel like I'm creating bad sleep habits but it's the only way he will go down. He isn't constipated as he is pooing normally.

Someone please help!!

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  • I know he will probably grow out of it but is there anything I can do to help him? My concerns are that I'm over feeding him, he's not getting enough sleep & that I am creating bad habits by letting him sleep on my chest at night. I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.

  • Hey, what formula do you use? You could try once of the "comfort" milks either by aptamil or cow and gate (they are exactly the same) it's specifically designed for colic and constipation, so it may help him pass his wind! Xx

  • I use Aptamil first milk so I'll look at the comfort one thanks! X

  • Maybe try colief..infacol didn't have any affect on my son but colief was amazing. He will let you know when hes full so u cant over feed or what he doesn't want he will just chuck up. Does he show signs if he wants to sleep. .my son gets incredibly grouchy without naps...I usually put him with his head resting on my shoulder and he knows thts when he goes to sleep. .or do u hav a swing u can put him In as the movement might make him sleep. X

  • Hi ceribean I have looked at colief before but as I'm breast feeding it sounds like a bit of a faff. The only time I could really give it to him is with his one bottle in the evening but I'm guessing this won't be enough to make a difference? We don't have a swing but I have just ordered a sling to see if this helps him sleep during the day. I don't know if I recognise his tired signs yet, he tends to yawn but I'm assuming that's after he's initially started to feel tired which is too late x

  • I bf too..what I did was expressed a small amount literally..then used the syringe tht I got in the calpol bottle mixed colief with the milk..fed my son so he was calm then syringed the solution into his mouth. Yes it was a faff but I wud take a calm happy baby over the stress he was getting into and the crying anyday. .it took a few minutes extra and within 2 weeks he was fine. X

  • Ok I'll give this a go thank you! I have a 5ml syringe would that be enough?

  • yeh u only put 4 drops in every feed and then as u notice him getting btr, do it every other then maybe just twice etc but as I say within 3 weeks he was fine and he just had it at night b4 bed x

  • Thank you, fingers crossed!

  • Hey. I'm in exactly the same position as you. LO is 6wks old. I can hardly ever get any burps up and she's so windy with explosive poos sometimes.

    She slept most of last night on my chest. And I feed to calm her. I don't think either of us are doing anything wrong. I just keep thinking I'm doing what i need to do for a contented baby, the sleeping habits will improve once she's a bit older and her guts work better.

    I've just got colief so I'll see if that's better than gripe water.

    Only other thing ive done is prop one end of moses basket up so she's not totally flat at night.

    Also I have the caboo sling which is a godsend as she sleeps for a couple of hours in it and I can still get on with dinner, tidying, washing etc. Especially as she hates me sitting down and will wake instantly if i sit but my back kills from carrying her around all the time

  • Hey, I'm sorry to hear you have the same problem but it's nice to hear that someone else is going through the same thing! I agree that I just keep thinking I'm doing whatever he needs to be happy & I'm sure it will all get better in a few weeks. Iv heard that by 12 weeks there should be an improvement. I just feel so bad for him because I can't do much to help.

    Good luck, hope it gets better for you soon x

  • Yep I'm hoping at 12 wks things improve. And yes its nice to know we both are going through it :-)

    I'm also giving bottle at night but EBM. Have you tried the dr brown bottles as they are working really well with my LO.

    I've also given 3doses of colief today. I really hope it helps but nothing is a miracle cure, I wish it was as I hate seeing her in pain. Just not sure how to do the colief through night as didn't want to have to go downstairs :-) thought I could prepare syringes with breast milk and colief and keep in fridge.

    Can colief go into cold milk and then be given to LO cold or do I have to warm it up first?? Does anyone know?

  • It can go cold..I made up syringes and left them in fridge x

  • Sorry jusy double checking. ... did you give it to LO cold from fridge? I don't want to do anything wrong that will upset her more

  • Yep it was fine. I fed my son first so he was calm then I gave him the syringe. .its only 5ml with 4 drops in and u need to do it at every feed for it to b effective. X

  • Breast fed babies dont really need burping that much usually. .. but I've noticed my little one didn't burp but does plenty of bottom burping and makes them sorts of noises when trying to get some wind out. .. my friends said she read somewhere that burping and blowing off. .. is not the same but I just see it as the wind is in the top of the stomach rather than in the large intestines.... another possibility could be intolerance to the bottle ur giving him at night. .. my 4th child had intolerance to milk and would wake in the night out of his sleep or while he was sleeping with piercing screams it was so upsetting. .. but that comfort milk contains less lactose which makes them uncomfortable and the colief disperses the lactose I think... hope u find a remedy soon horrible to see them so uncomfortable and in pain x

  • My son is 5 weeks and I am having the same issue, please let me know if you find a solution. X

  • Have you tried lying him on his tummy on your knee while winding him? My little girl trumps like a tropper and really loud. Think your going to have to try being a bit tougher and not letting him sleep on you as you are making a rod for your own back.

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