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5 days late negative test :/

I mentioned not long ago about my issue but now I'm 5 days late feeling extremely tiered, sick urinating a lot don't know weather thats got anything to do with it have had clear discharge a lot and spotting also recently have been getting cramps I've done 1 test 3rd day of missed period. Im usually always regular if anything usually early and very heavy I'm just worried as i did take morning after pill but really late around 60hrs late and i suffer with endometriosis which is the cause of my regular and heavy periods so very confused as this is defiantly not normal for me could i be pregnant?

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If it's not normal for you and given the history you describe, it's probably worth doing a 2nd test using first wee of the day and a little trip to the docs. Your mind will then be put at ease. Good luck

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You said you took the morning after pill this month, so whilst late, that may have an effect on your cycle. I would recommend testing again, and then speaking with a dr if possible.


If you're concerned you should go see your GP.


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