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26 weeks pregnant and leaking small amount of clear fluid each morning this week, should I be worried?

Hi, my second pregnancy and baby is moving around as normal and I feel fine in myself but each morning this week when I get up I am leaking a small amount of fluid, is this normal, I can't remember this happening with my first pregnancy although I am alot bigger this time round.

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U should go and get that checked incase ur leaking waters put a pad on. ..the fact u only notice it in the morning could be because it's a really small leak and it builds up while u are laying down it could be just a build up of discharge but if always err on the of caution..ring ur triage dept today and explain what u have just told us good luck x


I'm 16+5 n had similar issues for last 10 days. Whittled about it but yesterday phoned the maternity helpline, they advised to put a proper pad on for 1 hr and then see how it was n phone back. Still felt damp. So went in, they did a quick examination, swab and used an AmniQuick test for amniotic fluid which thankfully was negative :-). Can now relax knowing that it's just discharge n perhaps a bit of sweat!!!! Pleasant but I'm reassured. It's worth giving them a buzz as I can now rest easy. Was good to hear baby's heartbeat too.

I have also heard that later in pregnancy, as u are, depending on how baby is laying can press in glands n increase discharge.

Good luck


Agree with the others. Prob nothing more than excess discharge but you should definitely get checked out to be sure. the midwife and hospital are there to look after you and baby so don't be worried to contact them. X


No it is not normal ring your midwife. Put a pad on as they may tell you to go into hospital and they will want to examine your pad to check if its your waters or wee. I was leaking at 31w & thought it was wee but it was my waters, they will give you antbiotics to fight infection.


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