Anyone else having no symptoms at all?

Hello all! This is my first ever post on one of these sites! Just wanted to ask if anyone else is having no symptoms? I'm 9wks 3days and near on nothing regarding sickness etc. I've had quite bad tiredness but that's it (and some constipation but that's too much information!) I had a scan at 7week and saw my little blob and it had a very healthy heartbeat but if I hadn't of seen it with my own eyes I would have sworn I wasn't pregnant! Am I just lucky??? I keep reading everyone talking about their sickness and feel I'm missing out!!! :)


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  • Lol missing out! Haha. Well I had dizziness for about 5 weeks and sore boobs but had no sickness or nausea throughout my whole pregnancy. I'm so pleased I didn't have it! Though I did have different issues develop towards the end. Congratulations :-) x

  • Yes we're one of the lucky few! I had pretty much no symptoms and no sickness at all. At 8 weeks I remember being really worried and mentioned it to my midwife - she thought I was crazy! She said as long as you're not bleeding or in any pain just relax, take it easy and enjoy it!xx

  • Thank you ladies, you do find yourself starting to worry when you read all the post etc! Really hope this symptom free streak continues :) x

  • I am 8 weeks and have had nothing but exhaustion that lasted 2 weeks and a bit more hungry and thirsty than usual. That and some cramping sometimes, probs just where uterus is expanding etc. and a few spots. no sickness or anything, which I am so glad of. Though many tell me that sickness can start as late as 12 weeks, but I am hoping that I am just skipping it altogether! From what I hear you probably really don't want the sickness, interferes with daily life, work, etc!

  • Enjoy it! I'm 22 weeks and been nauseous since's no fun-although handy keeping weight steady

  • NHS site says that only 50% of women experience 'morning sickness' xx

  • Yep!! I was sick for 2 days so put it down to a bug that was flying round work!! Nothing else!! Had some light bleeding when my period was due but thought nothing of it cos I can sometimes have random light months, then the next period I missed, that's when I realised!! Was 10 weeks gone!! :) x

  • Seriously ur not missing out..ur lucky..I wud of done anything not too be sick..everyone kept saying it wud stop but it didn't for 9 months. Trust me make the most of not seeing ur dinner in the loo every night. Everybody is different and every pregnancy is different. .x

  • I'm 16 wks n had no sickness-just nausea, sore boobs n very tired. Didn't believe I was pregnant til I had my scan!! At 14 wks all tiredness n nausea went away n have more energy than before I got pregnant!!! I think we're lucky!!!

  • Some ladies are very lucky with just a few or no symptoms at all. You are not missing out on anything it's not nice when you can't do anything. But you are only 9 weeks so symptoms could still come :) x

  • do you ve sore boobs?

  • I've gone up a cup 1-2 cup sizes but no soreness! :) x

  • I too had hardly any symptoms and I constantly panicked there was something wrong. Eventually I relaxed (at about 20 weeks) and started to feel quietly smug instead.

    I can recommend this, after all you might not be so lucky next time round!


  • I've spoken to several of my friends who are mummies now and it's actually more common that I thought not to have any major symptoms (out of 10 friends I spoke to only 4 had any sickness/sore boobs etc) So yes going to make the most of it! X

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