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Do you need to be signed off to drive after a c-section

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I'm coming up to 6 weeks after my c-section and I was wondering if I need to have physical proof from the doctor to be able to drive again. I'm 6weeks Xmas eve so unable to have my check then. I'm booked in the week after. I understand that you have to wait 6weeks to be able to drive again due to issues with insurance etc. whilst it was nice to begin with being driven about I'm now getting frustrated of not being able to go drive to the shops and see people.

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My last C-section was almost 9 years ago so not sure my advice will be the most up to date but with my first two sections I just started driving after my six week check up with GP when had been checked over and told I was ok to real proof from Dr just his say so. After my third I actually started driving sooner...just before 5 weeks I think. Was told by my health visitor at the time that as long as I got Drs ok....not in writing again just say so....and then rang and spoke to my insurance company then I would probably be ok but depends on your insurance. I did as I was told, saw Dr who said I was fine to drive...then rang insurance who put a note on my file saying I had told them about the op and they had agreed that I was fine to drive.

I would suggest you phone your car insurance company and ask them what their rules are and what you need to do before you can commence driving again. Best to be safe than sorry and best to follow their rules. xxxx

I had c-section in August. I waited for the 6 weeks and until I'd had my check up. My Dr just said drive if you feel you can. I didn't ring insurance company at all and didn't have any confirmation from the Dr other than a conversation. Maybe just give insurer a quick call and ask what they require if anything xx

I started driving four weeks after my section. You don't need to get the doctor to okay it. If you feel ready then you can get behind the wheel. It's a bit of an urban myth about not being covered by your insurance. I've worked in car insurance for over 25 years.

Although not essential it's recommended, when it comes to cc and driving you need to be able to perform an emergency stop and not have to worry about the scar,

Thank you all for your replies. I will just wait it out. As frustrating as it is especially so close to christmas it's better to be safe than sorry x

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