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Sometimes I think hospitals like to make you worry!!!!

So today I went for an extra scan to check the position of the placenta, and it's well out of the way, so happy days :)

But then the sonographer told us there was some swelling on baby's left kidney and it needs to be checked when baby arrives- possibly scan the kidneys and give anti biotics. She then went on to say that it could just be fluid backed up into the kidneys from the bladder and essentially baby just needs to have a wee and it would empty- she even said the swelling looked to be going down a bit as she watched, and if I had gone for the scan on a different day nothing would have shown up :/ that's the only explanation I've been given- no other indication on what might be the problem :/

Following her advice so far and not worrying too much, but it's still at the back of my mind- and I'm a little annoyed at how vague these people can be when telling you things like this. At least I see my midwife on Thursday, so will have a chat with her about it

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I am sure its nothing too worry they said it might just be a case tht needs to empty the friend at works daughter was born un September with slight kidney problem and they are not doin anything to it till nxt month. If they were super concerned they wud of had u bk for another scan asap...I think tho u also need to look on the flip side if she hadnt of told u and u found out there was a possible issue u probably would have thought why didn't they say at the scan. X


Yeah they definitely would have me back in if really concerned, and I know they have a duty to tell you, just frustrating to have that niggle at the back of my mind now not really knowing either way for the next few weeks- all because baby might have needed a wee at the time of my scan. Oh well, we will just have to wait and see I suppose xx


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