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Rocking baby to sleep:is this a bad habit?

Hi, my LO is 5wks old and we've had terrible trouble getting her to sleep in her moses initially but we're finally getting there but she needs to be rocked in her moses for about 10min before falling asleep. It's great because I am finally getting more sleep (was walking around with her for hours beforehand) but when LO is 3 months, we're going abroad to my parent's and we won't be able to bring the moses rocking stand with us!

Am I creating more problems for myself for the future by rocking her and using such sleeping aids?

I'm in such a quandary!

Thanks x

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It's so difficult! I'm sure you're doing brilliantly. Could you try reducing the time rocking a little every day? Or only rocking until she's settled, rather than until she's fast asleep? Not had my LO yet, so I'm only guessing! You've got 7 weeks before you go away, which is still a lot of time. Good luck with it all!


It always so hard to know what to do! I'd say if you can avoid rocking her to sleep that's ideal but easier said than done!! HV said to me on scale of 1 being wide awake and 10 being fast asleep try to put them down when they're say 7. They'll then settle themselves that last bit. Perhaps as above gradually reduce the rocking time??

Sorry it's not more helpful - I know from experience we'll do anything to get them to sleep and then we pay the price for it later!!xx


It's a hard one...u need to get know when they are sleepy and ready to nod off like above then put them down. ..I have done it with my lo and he moaned a bit but finally fell asleep.... Only one of my children could settle themselves and that's because she sucked her sheet! The only other option is to buy one out there! :)


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