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Wahoo!! Mat leave officially begins now!!!! :)

And not a moment too soon! I can finally relax, although still have a lot to sort. Spare room is a mess so desperately needs tidying so I can at least get to poor baba's car seat and Moses basket lol

I just can't believe I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow, this year has absolutely flown by! Getting more and more excited by the day at the fact my little one will soon be here :)

Not really much of a post, just wanted to share my good mood & excitement

Absolutely can not wait to be a mummy :)

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Awww :-) lovely you sound happy xx not long to go now.enjoy and relax over these next few weeks cause life will never be the same again once baba comes! Xx


Ahh thts gr8..enjoy. .I kno it will b busy with xmas so enjoy and rest up as much as possible. .I kno everyone will probably say tht too u but I wish I had listened b4 my son arrived as first few weeks I was knackered. .now I am us3d to sleep deprivation lol xx


Yeah I can't really say I'm looking forward to the sleep deprivation lol although getting some practice in with having achey legs as soon as I get in bed!!

I moan a bit, but generally can't complain about much to be honest.

I'm hoping that with Christmas coming up I'm not going to be getting too bored and these last few weeks might not seem to drag so much :)


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