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My period is late by 4 days but I have done pregnancy test and they are negative

Hi all, so my boyfriend and I are trying for a baby and I went off the pill in september. I have had 2 periods and they have both been a 33 day cycle. But I dont know if this in my correct cycle yet. If I was going by a 28 day cycle then I am 10 days late if I go by a 33 day cycle then I am 4 days late.....I am very fatigued and I get hot flushes. I have cramps but not like my period and I am very moody. I have done 2 test and both are negative. Has any one eles had this and have been pregnant. I hope I am....thanks in advance for the advice

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Hi, I had the same in September. I was trying for a baby, period was late, did a test when 3 days late and nothing. Did a test when I was 7 days late and bingo! I am now 16 weeks so you never know! Good luck! xx


Thanks I hope so I hate the waiting game I just want to know either way. ...thank you for you reply


i have been in the situation today i am 9 days late today and took a test this morning and it was negative. i dont want to wait i want to know if i am pregnant!!! i really hope i am. My boobs are sore and have been getting dizzy through the day.


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