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RANT ALERT!!! Lately i just been in a right mood! I dont want no one talking to me, dont want to talk to anyone, cant wait to finish work (2 weeks to go!), everyone and everything is annoying me.

Me and the OH have been arguing latley aswell, but mostly down to me cuz i keep biting his head off bless him. Work is just stressful now and ive had enough. Had a few run ins with a particular person at work who ive had to file a complaint about, due to her very rude and childish behaviour towards me. Im 34 nearly 35 weeks, and im tired, back hurts like crazy and just feel fed up now! Tryig to sort out last few bits for baby and getting stressed incase ive forgotton anything, i just wanna meet my lil bubba already! Guess hormones r playing up full force now!

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LOL :-)

The best thing is that you know or have at least acknowledged its your hormones making you feel extremely angry but you're definitely not alone in feeling this way.

As for that "particular person"at work peeing you off try to just ignore him or her as their not worth it.

Your OH will just have to come to terms with the way you feel right now but in the meantime theres nothing wrong with showing him a Lil affection when you're not so knackered :-)

Good luck & remember there's not long to go now.



Oh Hun, I was exactly the same when I was pregnant, anyone and anything annoyed me!! I didn't answer my phone the last 4 weeks as well and it was worse when I was over due by 2 weeks and ppl kept phoning and texting asking if I had the baby, even the mother in law, It was like if I go into labour I will bloody tell you!!! Ahhh those pregnancy hormones!! Don't worry you do get back to your normal self, I promise!! And try not to stress about work, you haven't got long left and just think it's not worth getting upset, you've got a precious little one you've got to keep safe. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x


You need to chill out and stop getting so stressed out, it isn't good for you or the baby to get so stressed out. Can you and your OH take a short break somewhere and chill out even if it is just for a night, you need to recharge those batteries before the baby arrives. If you are stressing now you will be worse when you have had zero sleep and hormones flying all over the place when you have had your baby.

As for work I would just keep your head down and your self to yourself and just think that you have only a few weeks left and you can wave bye bye to the freckers for 9 months and you wont have to see them.


Well done for recognising it. Now you have, pick your battles and let some things go if you can help it. Use the weekend to get organised, know what you haven't got and if it is anything critical, take some steps to get them, otherwise, they can wait until your first week of mat leave, or if absoleutely needs be, someone can pick up for you. I remember picking a fight with my DH just becasue he was wrapping up Christmas presents wrong - poor man couldn't do anything right at that point. You will get over this, although the tiredness will stay - so what's important is for you to be able to tell your partner how you are feeling so they can understand where you are coming from.


Oh bless you, you have my sympathy, blasted hormones. Like everything pregnancy and parenthood related, it's all very individual and some suffer with certain aspects or symptoms better or worse than others. For me for example morning sickness has never been too bad, and labour with my first was fine (hoping the second is likewise), but the early fatigue, and frustration and anger later on in pregnancy have been horrible (easier 2nd time round though), and it just isn't easy to just chill out. My advice would be to speak frankly with your midwife, and certainly ask for help if it doesn't settle after baby is born as it may be depression trying to sneak up on you. Also, are your iron levels ok? Mine were low in first pregnancy and again this time, both times it's been a struggle getting them to raise (I'm not sure whether they've ever been right between), I was shocked to discover how much better I felt once I started on some prescribed iron tablets. I'm 35 weeks myself so at a very similar point, good luck.


I was exactly the same before I went on maternity! Stressful job, surrounded by unhelpful people. Including the person who's meant to be covering whilst I am off.... seriously, what were they thinking? Anyway 2 weeks into maternity leave and I am a completely changed person, back to my normal chilled self. Everything is set to go, or so I think, the lack of sleep and the fact I am uncomfortable however I sit, lay, stand is easier to deal with once you have time to yourself :) Just count down the days until you have a bit of time to yourself. I am, not long now until the arrival and I'll be busy busy busy again.

All the best x


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