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I'm 7 days late and no period. Too early to take a pregnancy test?

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I'm 7 days late and no signs of my period my boobs are sore and I have been experiencing dizzyness throughout the day . I don't know if it is too early for a pregnancy test!!!

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You can take a pregnancy test as soon as you've missed a period, so go for it. First thing in the morning is the most accurate time.

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LoLo24 in reply to scoffcat

thank you! I am nervous because i want to see the + sign. I might just have to wait till tomorrow morning!

Why have you asked this question again when people have already espoused to your earlier question?

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LoLo24 in reply to Coeny-em

it wasnt showing that i had post it. I am still new to HealthUnlocked. I am sorry if it bothered you. I am just trying to get advice.

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Babyblue26 in reply to LoLo24

Let me know how it goes. Fingers crossed :D x

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LoLo24 in reply to Babyblue26

just took a test. it came out negative :( I am going to take one first thing tomorrow moring! Hopefully that one comes out POSTIVE

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Babyblue26 in reply to LoLo24

Oh gosh! Yeah try on the first wee of the day lol.

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Coeny-em in reply to LoLo24


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NavyWife0704 in reply to LoLo24

Don't worry about it... It's not a big deal to some people.

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Hizwifey40 in reply to Coeny-em

What do you care???


im having same problem 6days late and negative tests :(

Were you ever pregnant ?

Stop being horrid to the poor lass she's only asking for advice

i think you should wait for 1wk then try again


I tested this morning and negative test. And still no period. I'm going to wait a week and test again and if negative going to see my doctor

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Hidden in reply to LoLo24

Yh good plan. I hope you get the result you want! x

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Ejiro in reply to LoLo24

pl wait a week like i said, u will see it will turn out out positive, a friend of mine waited for two months thats 8 wks before it became positive, period stopped but it keep coming out negative and the doctor told her it an infection, and it turn out she was pregnant, she was so lucky the drugs did not hurt the baby.

My period just came. I'm upset it's not the results I wanted

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Babyblue26 in reply to LoLo24

Same. Mine too!

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Dream_chaser in reply to LoLo24

How long did it last ??

mine is coming on wednesday, but i ve been seeing very light drop for two days now wen i whip with tissue, i beginning to lose hope tat am not pregnant, but I really which I am.

It could be that I am stressed out with all that's happened last month so am going to give myself another week just to be sure

I've also 7 days missed my period n today early in a morning i took a pregnancy test and it came negative and iv been drinking pregnacare for almost a month and two weeks so how want to no how may weeks must i wait for othe test to take and im also 10weeks avulation please tell me what to do cause my breast is itching,im bloated,feel like vomiting,sleepy,tired,headache,graving different food please tell me what to do cause i went to gyne and the results came negative my email is relehlabi.rl@gmail.com for any reply plz u can also use it to rply

i took pt on my period date but it came out negative and took another test after 7days late..i took my pt on my first morning wee but its still negative..got my pms 2 wks ago cramps on and off...im a bit worried could i still be pregnant?

Hi I m not down 5 days over from last period date ...but I m feel same pain every morning n night...I hope m pregnant this time ...I dnt hve any pregnancy symptoms.. I didn't test yet

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roxannacar in reply to Kitty1203

Pain doesn't equal pregnancy so might be worth taking a test instead. Morning urine is the best to use.

How about if after the 7th day delayed I took a test, and came out negative! Could it be that's is too early or that is 100% negative? :/

Period is 7 days late.. I've never missed a period ever... I've also been cramping, at first they were very light but they have become a little mild this week..

Same 7 days but no dizziness but tiredness.

Someone needs a chill pill ...

I am seven days late my period hasn't came yet my tubes been tied for ten years could I be pregnant are am I going into meanpose

im 46 and having some rather bothersome troubles getting positive and negative on pt . so cornfuzzled cant see straight . cramping for ten days no blood . boobs hurt and get dizzy sometimes just standing . went to doctor for blood test for pregnancy and all theydid was test for ovulation signs thinking im pre menopausal . told him nobody knows my body better than me and that was that . took another test this morning and it was positive . thats 2 and 2 . may just wait it out but the guy i was with is nervous as hell and we are both stressed to kill . any word out there about matters like this one?

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Medplux in reply to lonebear

Most people would not believe at 46 you could get pregnant. This make little sense to alot of doctors..

I wrote this post about missed period that really helped a lot of women


While it could be other cause, pregnancy must be ruled out

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Rabia9970 in reply to lonebear

I'm 46 and six days late today. Always on time and this will be my 7th pregnancy if I am. Had my last child at 42. I'm healthy and no health problems, so I'm hopeful as this would be my last pregnancy 😊

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roxannacar in reply to Rabia9970

Take a test. At 46 it might also be the peri menopause.

you can take a test from the first day of a missed period

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