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Feeling hot and cold at the same time (pregnancy)

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and in the past 2 weeks I have been feeling hot and cold at the same time. If I am not pregnant and not have a runny nose, I would think I have a cold coming. This affects me most when sleeping. I can't get comfortable. Some nights this woke me up at the middle of the night finding my hands are freezing cold whereas my back is sweating (all under the duvet). Any one have similar problem?

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Yes, it's completely normal

Even though I had my baby now ( 6 wks ago) i still feel very similar symptoms where I'll be cold one minute then be sweating by 5 minutes later wanting to stick my head in the fridge :)

It's something to do with your hormones adjusting to the way how our bodies are preparing for pregnancy / childbirth It's just one of those ones which is hard to explain.

Oh & congratulations too :)


Congz with new baby, Abenaa.

It's like lost of sense of tempareture. How do I know whether I should put my jumper on or not? At work, I just look at the person sitting next to me. If he puts his jacket on, I would put my jumper on... but after I put my jumper on I still have the same problem... lol


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