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So ok, I have a 4yr old girl :) and my partner was trying for 2years, tests with clinic etc, I was not ovulating etc, then me and my partner split in august :( but then got back together mid October and back on the pill as we did not want to rush things, but in November I was given antibiotics due to tonsilitus but turns out after weeks on them it was glandular fever, but. Anyway lastweek 2 cheap tests and 2 clearblue later imI'm pregnant! Got doc confirmation from docs yesterday! Just so excited I wanted to say

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Hey congratulations, that is just brilliant news after 2 years of trying!! You must be over the moon xx


Massive congratulations! x


Thankyou :) I am so pleased abouttime some good news came my way :) xx


Wonderful news. Congratulations xx





Yay congratulations. .what a great xmas present xx


pretty much same thing happend to me , after 2 years trying . last year i was told our shop was closing down and although they were looking at placing us in other stores redundancy was a possibility , i conceived that mth (i decided not to' try' but not actively prevent either as nothing had happened in 2 years ! ) i was made redundant then 3 dys later got + test !!! very stressful time with a just 3yo 2 !

well im happy to report i secured my own job with the same company ( i didnt tell them i was pregnant till 16wks ) and have a truly beautiful angel now 4mts old : )

things happen 4 a reason , just go with it ... also daddy is much better this time round , helping with feeds etc and supporting me . 1st time he said it was 'my job ' thats y i was off work ... and he continued 2 see his friends at the pub at lease weekly and play football twice a week plus practice 1 or 2 nights !!!

baby might b just what u need : ) hormones can b hard to deal with while ur sorting everything out with ur partner though so try and reason in ur head and count 10 , im sure u know what i mean .

good luck


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