Cramping/Bloated feeling in my 4/5 week - is this normal?

Hi... Im about 4/5 weeks preggies.. (2nd time around) - my sons 12 and I was very young when I had him, so Im feeling like this is my first time !! !! Very nervous!!

So - been my tummy has been cramping (not badly) but really uncomfortable.. and heavy!!!.. is this normal??? Feels like Im just about to start my periods.. cant ever remember feeling like this with my son??


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4 Replies

  • thats how I felt in the early weeks. Before I did the test I felt pregnant but my body kept feeling like i was going to come on my period any second with my abdomen feeling very heavy and light cramping. I had a spot of blood in the tissue and was even more convinced that I was imagining a pregnancy, but when that never came, I tested and was positive.

    It sucks that both pregnancy and menstruation have the same symptoms. *Sings* Sometimes its hard to be a woman....


  • hahaha... shwu.... thats a relief... ;-) Ja, we def's get the bad end of the stick with all our bodies..haha :-)

  • I "pretty" much totally agree with the 1st comment made by "gigglysheep" & say pregnancy & periods have all the same symptoms ( apart from the actual bleeding) so as long as you don't start "heavily bleeding" or something similar it's definitely normal

    Oh & congrats by the way


  • Thanks so much :-) really feel this is my first time... so scared about at least ill have a 13 year old babysitter ;-) Thanks again for reply.

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