5 days late...is it too early to test

I normally have a very regular 28 day cycle and keep in my diary when I am due on, more often than not I'm a day early, never late. I always have very swollen breasts 2 weeks before I am due and the cramps and back ache start a few days before hand. This time however, my breasts have only grown slightly (and much later than normal) I am currently 5 days late for my period with no normal signs that it is on it's way. Is it too early to do a home pregnancy test?

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I would do one now.ive done one when 5days late before so its not too early.do first wee of the day. Good luck :-) xx

I did one the day after I was due!! And it was +ve!!!! Clear blue do a test that tells u how far gone u are too n don't have to necessarily use 1st wee of the day. Good luck!!

Just said first wee of day as its most concentrated so more likely to show up on all tests :-) xx

I tested day after I was due on as well and got positive result.....on 3 tests lol. I used boots own ones first and there was a line but was quite faint so to be sure I got clear blue digital after to confirm :-) good luck x

A good quality test like clear blue can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 4 days before your period is due so I would say take a test. Let us know how you get on, it is so exciting.

So a week late for my period now, pregnancy test came up as negative :-(

I'm only 3 days late and no period!! So frustrating! I just wanna cry! Even the early tests aren't showing up... Everyday I think it's the day and have spent way too much money on the tests!! I know we did it on my ovulation day and I have all the symptoms (Except sore breasts) to top it all off my SIL told us today that she is!! Urgh! :( Let me know what your results are~! *Baby dust to you my friend!

9 days late now, another negative test, so I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning!

I did one the day after I was due and it was positive - I have very regular 28 day cycles and couldn't wait!

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