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Baby is now 37weeks and I'm starting to think time is

Flying by. Thou I know wot happens in labour I'm starting to

Worry. Up to now I have been fine thinkin he/ she just has to come out so happy to go with the flow let things happen. Now I'm like terrified of the pain. I'm so uncomfortable all the time my legs hurt my back hurts how am I ment to enjoy this last bit of pregnancy when I can't sit still or sleep? Am I doing things wrong? I hate the not knowing when baby will come. I have to have another growth scan tomorrow so consultant can then decide of they need to intervene with getting he/she out. Omg I need to calm down. Sorry guys know u all in same position or been here just needed to get of me chest.

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Worrying about birth is totally natural!! It's a scary alien thought that another human has to come out of you!! Go back to those thoughts you were having before, one way or another he/she is going to come out. And as soon as you see that little baby for the 1st time you honestly do forget about it!! :) as for pain, I can't lie it's does hurt but there are so many pain relief options available. I had gas and air then got an epidural, best decision I made as everything for me went a bit tits up! Putting yourself through birth without pain relief won't get you a medal and it certainly won't make you a better mummy!! Just ask for help if you feel you need it!! Xx


If it helps, perfectly natural. If you go back and read some of our posts you'll see how worked up a lot of us got in those last few weeks. The last few weeks I don't think we're meant to enjoy as it's our body's way of preparing us for labour - make us so uncomfortable we just want baby out. Sounds like you are getting good care, and just a note about labour - it's not as painful as you imagine, not going to say it won't hurt cos it does. But that's what the pain relief is there for and the midwives, hope you have a good labour whatever happens and your LO arrives safe x


I feel the same as u I'm also 37 weeks and although I know it's going to be painful I'm trying not to think about it much really and going with the flow as my hubby has now taken over the panicking, worrying, stressing me out I'm just trying to relax a little bit. I'm only planning on gas and air if I can and everything goes smoothly I don't want to have to stay in hospital any longer than I have to I hate them so I'm hoping in and out haha. X


Yes it is painful but they have pain relief there for u if it gets too much. ..I was so excited and couldn't wait to get my labour started! Was excited all the way thru must admit it was my 5th so practically slid out ;) .... but it is an amazing experience and the process for meeting ur little one. . Just try and stay in control and if the pain starts to get too much ask for the pain relief, I had mepited if that's how u spell it and gas an air. .. but I've had epidurals in previous pregnancies. .. all the best ur be holding that baby in ur arms soon xxx


I'm in the same boat in terms of feeling so uncomfortable (I'm 34 weeks). You're not doing anything wrong! And I also hate not knowing when. I can't face another 6-8 weeks of this!

I agree with Joda, I'll take the pain of labour as I am so sore all the time anyway. There will be pain relief, it can't last forever, and I'll get to meet my little man!


Im 37 weeks too :)

But im someone who for some reason just doesnt worry :-/ i must admit i thought i would be in a right panic by now but nope

I think its cos i look at it this way if its that bad people wouldnt go on to have more children and i know once i see

My little man i will forget everythink also things are going

To go how there going to go so cant change it just gota go wiv it.

I do keep haveing random dreams

And not sleeping well :(

The one thing that bugs me is just the not knowin when it will happen

All the best x


I didnt worry either. I was excited and celebrated any pain I got lol. But it all got thwarted by needing an emergency c section! Next time, I'll be excited all over again. No pain would be more worth it :-) totally understand people worrying about it though. Massive experience!


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