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is it possible to be pregnant but have no hormones in urine?


hi all, I fell pregnant in april this year with my second child, however by 11 weeks I miscarried, since then (end of may) my periods have always been regular to the 28 days on the dot, except last month I came on my period a day earlier. however this month is confusing me greatly, I was due on last Friday making me now 5 days late of my period, I was going out for a night out on Saturday so I didn't want to drink if there was a possibility of me being pregnant so I did a clear blue (non digital) in the evening which came back negative, so I proceeded to go out but came home after 2 drinks, every day for the last 2 weeks ive had nausea and in the last 3 days the early morning vomiting has started, my breasts are sore and im absolutely exhausted, I was like this with my last pregnancy hence me getting my hopes up, however I took a test yesterday afternoon which came back negative, it was an answer one, and then my friend told me to do one this morning holding my urine in all night, which I have done, yet its still saying negative, and as previously... im vomiting this morning. I feel a bit daft asking these questions seen as I have been pregnant twice, however with no positive results, im extremely confused?

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My second pregnancy took three tests almost two weeks apart before I got a positive, all I can suggest is wait a few more days and if no period test again. Good luck x

I can totally see why you are confused! I would go to see gp and ask for blood test or wait a lil longer and retest xx good luck hope you get the answer you want xx

I am immensely confused a friend has suggested doing a digital one this morning however my issue with that s their price to possibly come back with the same answer. I keep running to the toilet every 5 mins to check if im coming on.

Just did a digital, came back neg... Must be something else wrong, i really don't know :(

I would give the Dr a call. If you've been feeling sick for a couple of weeks maybe you have a virus, they can affect your periods sometimes. I can see why it is confusing, and it's probably quite sad when you keep getting negatives. Hopefully the Dr can give you some reassurance that it's nothing to worry about.

Thanks everyone. Ill let you know what happens x

My pregnancy went undetected until 25 weeks - I've come to realise anything is possible!

Wow seriously??? That's shocking. Well im late nauseous tired... But negative! Ive said i will leave it till Monday then go docs

Yeah, I was in and out of the hospital for months as well - subjected to a small dose of radiotherapy for treatment of Paget's disease of the nipple before pregnancy was detected. I hadn't noticed in myself, I wasn't showing & any symptoms had been masked by my illness and had made my cycles irregular. Little one evaded the doctors blood tests and everything! That sounds like your best bet :) good luck <3 x

Sounds crazy! I split up from my partner 3 weeks ago so i put the first 2 days down to stress then the sickness and tiredness.. I just want it to be a positive result so badly

well bad news was that I passed out in town yesterday afternoon, so my friend rushed me to the doctors who did emergency bloods on my, they also informed me that my above question was quite right, sometimes hormones really don't show up in urine for a number of reasons, they went through all my symptoms with me and all were quite sure im pregnant but made sure that they asked the lab to test for EVERYTHING in case it came back negative. I find out on Thursday what my results ae, if I am indeed pregnant it will be very bittersweet as Thursday was my due date for my previous pregnancy I lost :( I hope its good news!!!! xx

Oh bless you! Really good luck hope you get that positive result xx let us know xx

Good luck. xx

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