Merry Christmas.... Everyone!!

Merry Christmas.... Everyone!!

Although it's early, thought I'd wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! Getting so busy now, might not get another chance!!

Hugo is well into the Christmas spirit wearing his Xmas jumper and snow suit!! :)

Although he has already given unwrapping a present a go, after rolling over and over so he got under the tree, don't think he will manage it, but sure his 5 year old cousin will help!! :D

Hope everyone has a good one!! Hope to hear of some extra special Xmas deliveries from those that are due in the next few weeks!! :)



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10 Replies

  • ahhh bless him what a cutie. yep we hav an array of xmas outfits. hes been in his snowsuit too and looks like one big blue marshmellow lol. hope u and ur family have a gd time too and yeh I wonder if there will be any xmas day babies xx

  • Love the pic....he's such a gorgeous thing!! Have an amazing Christmas! I'm sure with this little chap around you definitely will :D xx

  • Arrrrr love the Christmas jumper bless him looks so grown up! Merry Christmas x

  • Yeeeaaah! :)

    Merry Xmas ( love the pic too)

    Its hard to believe he was only born a few months ago isn't it.

    Im on the prowl now for my son & daughter in matching xmas jumpers " or onsies" it would make a great pic :)

  • Tescos have loads in sale online xx

  • Ahhh that would be cute!!! While we were out today about 5 people asked where his jumper was from!! They were gutted when I said a friend knitted it!! :) xx

  • Ahh loving the picture, what a handsome chap!! Love jumpers knitted by friends and family - def won't see anyone else in it. Nanny is currently knitting a festive red one for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!xx

  • What a cutie, he's got such a lovely smile! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas, too! I'm currently wrapping presents, winding down after a day fuelled by hormones! X

  • Hehe so cute :) really lovely seeing all your gorgeous babies getting bigger & reading all your updates. Getting super excited to meet my own little monkey now :)

    Merry Christmas everyone xxxxx

  • aww, Hugo's so cute - and getting big! Attempting some gift wrapping today - any christmas ninjas out there who know how to make wrapping paper silent?? Have a good Christmas :) x

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