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I have dug myself a hole!

As the phrase goes....just after a bit of advice. From coming home LO has always slept we'll and I was having to wake her in the night for feeds! Lucky I know! At about 8 weeks we started trying self soothing which went great until about 13 weeks when she started teething. We're now at 17 weeks and struggling to get her to sleep much at all or for any length of time day and night! This last week has seen a maximum of 3 hours in the night and she's only sleeping about 10-11 hours altogether each day which obviously isn't enough! She had cold as well as teething and I got into the bad habit of letting her settle on me again so now I'm a bit stuck! My recent thinking is that she is overtired and overstimulated but I'm not a fan of the CIO method at her age...I doñt want her to associate bedtime with being upset just not sure how to go about a routine now and what sort of time is appropriate for bath, boob, bed etc! Sorry for the long post but she needs her sleep and I feel bad that I've slipped back into settling her on me. Thanks for reading :)

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Allowing her to settle on you isn't terrible-maybe she needs that at the moment. Have you tried letting her sleep in a sling, on you during the day-you might find she sleeps a little longer that way and is then less over tired. CIO isn't appropriate until they are much older.

Bathtime needs to be before she is tired-depends on her really, timed so that she can feed and fall asleep after.


My boy is 13 and a half weeks. Sometimes he dozes off himself in his bouncy chair or on his mat but during the day he mainly sleeps on me after a bottle or whatever....he's not a huge napper though he has got a bit better as he gets older. I also put him to sleep at night with cuddles and holding him and then into his cot as he won't go into his cot still awake yet and put himself to sleep. I'm not too worried though. He gets more independent as he gets older and at his age now....and even when hes the same age as your bubba I'm gona go with the flow as he isn't majorly clingy but just wants that hug and snuggle contact before sleeping. Our babies will get there :-) they just go through change stages where their needs change it seems x

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Thanks for replying going to bath her an let her fall asleep on me then put her to bed let her get used to that first. Got a full night again last night though finally! I hate teething!


Yh James is dribbling and shoving his hands and anything he gets into his mouth and getting all frustrated so I think he's starting too. Bless em


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