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Really emotional

Hi, I'm 13 wks, had my scan yesterday and was so pleased to see my little one wriggling around; but I am so tearful too! Every time there is something about Nelson Mandela on TV I well up. And then this morning at Yoga for pregnancy I spend most of the relaxation with tears running down my cheeks... What was that about?! It's not that I'm unhappy or particularly worried about anything.

Is there anything that tips you guys over the edge? Apart from Christmas ads of course.

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I get son is nearly 13 weeks and I still cry at born every minute and yes some xmas ads.. it doesn't improve lol. Its all normal. .ur hormones r playing havoc with ur body and sometimes u will cry over the most silliest of things...I just warned my boyfriend I was an emotional wreck and apologised for this yr in advance lol xx


Lol I'm the same as ceribean, my son is 13 weeks and I'm more emotional than when I was pregnant!! Ellie Goulding's new song is something that absolutely has me in floods the moment it comes on at the mo! But lots of little things make me cry or at least well up now. Before pregnancy I rarely cried x


Hee, hee, hee! Sorry to giggle but welcome to hormone central. I had been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months, with a really irregular cycle. One day I was listening to the radio and Susan boyle's version of "White Horses" by the Rolling Stones came on and I started to sob (and I mean sob, snotty face and everything). I thought "that's weird" and did a pregnancy test that showed a big fat positive in about 3 seconds. It's so embarrassing to think SuBo started off the weird and wonderful journey of pregnancy. Embrace the emotion and stick The Notebook on. If you must cry you should at least do it while watching Ryan Gosling!!! X


Me too! OH thinks I'm bonkers but I bawled my eyes out at children in need, the donkey aid adverts and the Sainsburys Christmas ads get me every time! Am hoping I will become saner once Jr arrives but have a while yet as not due till March. Shares in kleenex it is ;) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it's ok to have a little cry every now and then!


lol i had this too and still do - i fill up at anything - been like this since day one of getting pregnant - its all part and parcel hun :) hope your well


Oh God, I'm terrible with crying at the moment! Some of the things I've been tearful at include:

1) Any Christmas advert.

2) The Post Office advert

3) Anything with babies.

4) UB40 on the radio

5) Radio Ga-Ga, by Queen

6) Hearing about the seals on the Norfolk coastline.

Can I just add - I don't normally like UB40 - I have no idea what that one's about!

In addition to welling up, I get anxious, giggly and also very cranky!!

But, it's all to do with our hormones, try and accept the emotion at the time (sometimes it's nice to have a good cry!) Friends and family should understand, especially if they've had children before!



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