Baby poo! Again!

I don't think my little one is 100% my other son was sick last sun but went to the toilet a few times last night. .. but I noticed that lo tummy seemed very gurgly yesterday and seemed to be doing very big poos and cried in pain a few times and has more wind than usual... but this morning after straining and doing a lot of poo it has quite a jelly texture which he has never had before its still yellow no green .. has anyone had this with their little ones?

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  • Hey!! I seem to remember a poop like this (there has been so many variations in the last 5.5 months!) Lol i can't remember when it was but was definitely yellow and resembled bogies!!! Think it was when the poo changed colour and texture again.. it was only every now and again! X

  • Thanks was wondering if it was ok or not. .. just get worried as my other son was unwell and don't want lo being unwell at such a little age especially with sickness and diarrhea x

  • How has he been since? Is he otherwise well in himself (soft spot pulsing and not sunken etc)? X

  • His poos have lessened in quantity and frequency. .. he had a very green poo last night but not much still windy and a bit snuffly bless him. .. I did notice his soft spot was a bit sunken and pulsating quite a bit. But seems fine today. ..but I think he is on the's less poop more wind where it was the other way and then that's when he had the jelly like bogy poo but he only had that once... I'm the most anxious with this little one then I was with any mine! X

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