Suggestions/tips to help with 4 wk old sleeping please?

Hi, my baby girl is 4 wks old and we simply cannot get her to sleep for anything longer than 10min by herself!she sleeps well while being carried in our arms or on our chest but the moment you put her down, she's awake within10min, crying and only quietens once picked up. We'v

e made sure she's been fed, clean nappy but still the same. She's gaining a good amount of weight, on average45g per day so I don't think there's an underlying medical problem for this. We've also tried using a narrow basinette to make it cosy and womb-like, many different types of swaddles. .. But no luck. My husband and I are at our last tethers with this because we just can't get much sleep at night, and certainly no napping during the day. We're averaging 2hrs sleep per night and it doesn't seem to be!!!

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  • Crikey!! That sounds like hard work!! What temperature do you have the house at? Perhaps she feels a little cold when taken away from your body heat? Also have you tried putting a pillow case or t shirt in her moses basket so she can still smell you? X

  • This sounds very familiar, my eldest was not a fan of sleeping alone! We ended up co-sleeping for a few months for both of our sakes so there's always that option - just research how to co-sleep safely if that's a route you want to try.

    Rachgibson's suggestion of putting something that smells of you in the crib is a good one, my son certainly responded to that once we transitioned him to his crib. I was also advised to concentrate on cracking the day time first - work really hard to make sure that you always put her down for her naps during the day and the nightime will follow. I must admit I used to quite like snuggling him when he slept in the day but that just gets them used to being with you when they're asleep. Does she have a swing or bouncy chair? My daughter sleeps beautifully in her swing so it might be an idea to try letting her sleep somewhere else to get used to the idea of being alone and then trying the bassinet?

    Until things settle maybe try taking turns on the evening shift? I used to go to bed a 8pm-ish and my OH would keep baby downstairs until he was hungry so I could get a few hours under my belt - not the most sustainable routine but it helped at the time!

    I've got one of these magical sleeping babies second time round but I absolutely feel your pain - hang in there, it will get better x

  • Ohhhh yeah swings can be life savers also if she likes the pram go for long walks hard when ur knackered but if she stays sleeping for long periods then it will help get her used to sleeping without u also if ur breast feeding squeeze some of ur milk onto bedding so they can smell u ... and yes co sleeping is a worth a thought I did with my previous children cos I was so tired. ...I just had the quilt on my side of the bed and let them sleep on the other side in their sleeping bag no pillows around them... just till I felt alive enough to try settling them in their own cot x

  • Our first hated her moses basket but settled ok in her carry cot, although we didn't work this out until we'd had a couple of weeks of taking it in shifts sitting/laying on the sofa with her asleep of our chests. Good luck.

  • I had a similar problem and I got a swaddling shell from M&Ps and that has really helped.

  • You need to warm the moses basket with a hot water bottle or hairdryer before you put them in as they feel like it's still your body heat x

  • Lol if u still sleep 2hrs at night ur lucky with my 1st he would only sleep after 6 am, all night crying and me too crying along lol and no husband to help me and there was nothing wrong with him I think babies are just different and I know how it hurts when someone comes to us and say oh mine sleeps all night and I even have to wake him up to eat lol

  • My little one is 10 days old and loves to sleep in front of the washing machine when it's on, it's a constant noise which reminds them of the womb and the noises from outside. Also we have Ewan the Dream Sheep, look him up he's great! He plays womb noise and can be strapped to Moses basket, cot or pram and soothes our baby to sleep at night like magic. I recommend giving Ewan a go as the washing machine can't be on day and night!! Plus Ewan travels! Good luck.

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