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My birthing story!!

Well ladies, two days ago was the worst and best day of my life. Here is my birthing story.

I was meant to be induce on the 3rd at 9oclock at 9 but the hospital phoned and asked me to come in at 12 instead. I was examined and already 1.5cm dilated. I had my first tablet at half four and things started pretty quickly but then slowed down. So sent partner home to rest and as soon as he left they started up again. Had diamorphine at three in the morning which knocked me for two.

Partner came up the next morning but I was in and out of sleeping all day. I had reached three cm dilated and they were able to break my waters so was going to labour suite at 1 o'clock. Decided to go for a shower before I went and ended up having a seizure. I can't remember even getting up and coming out the bathroom. My partner was the one who spotted something wrong. I had blood all over my face due to biting my tounge when I had the seizure.

I also has a gash on my head from when I fell. I was completely out of it to, couldn't remember what had happened or where I was. All of a sudden there was millions of people beside my bed and I was whisked off to high dependant unit.

I was stabled there where I started to remember things, I got put on the monitors and had about 50 tubes coming out of everywhere! Little man was absolutely fine which was the main thing. I was there told I had the fit due to pre eclampsia and that we needed to get the little one out.

So was taken to labour suite and my waters were broken and had a massive team in the room. Was advised to have an epidural to controls blood pressure which i agreed to. In 6 hours I reached 10cm dilated. I was only allowed to push for 25 minutes because of the injury to my head. After 10 minutes I was taken to theatre as little one had turned side on. They used the forceps and cut me and with two pushes he was out!

Nathan Martin Morgan weighing a beautiful 6 pound 9 ounces was born and was absolutely fine! I was stitched up and taken back down to the high dependency ward to be looked after. I was unable to breast feed the first couple of times as was completely unaware of my surroundings and what was going on! But the following day things started to make sense and I held my beautiful boy properly for the first time! We are so delighted with him!!

So I'm now still in high dependency on day three. Have had MRI scans done as I apparently hit my head on the way down. I have tubes coming out of every arm but they are slowly being removed. Best of all I'm able to breastfeed my beautiful boy now and I love doing so! Even though he kept me awake the whole of last night demanding every twenty minutes, I'm so in love with him :) I've had so many doctors come round to see the end result after all the panic! Everyone has been fantastic, couldn't fault one doctor, midwife or nurse for their care of me and my child during our time of need!

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all the support and advice you have all given me when I have needed it. This site has been a god send at times when I had no one else to talk to! So thankyou, hope all mums, expecting mums and little ones are well.. Expecting mums.. Hang on in there!! It does eventually happen, and when it does it's worth the wait :)

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Oh bless you! Hope your feeling better soon!

Massive congratulations and welcome to the world little man xx


Goodness you really did have a hard time!!! Huge congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. Hope you're home soon xx


What a story! How terrifying for you all - your poor partner must've worried sick! Thank goodness you're all fine and receiving such good care. Welcome to the world Nathan and welcome to motherhood! Enjoy it and I hope you're able to get home soon :-) x


Oh my gosh what a nightmare!! Well done you for coming through it! You will be home with Nathan in no time! :) sounds like you have been well looked after too! Congratulations!!! X


Wowzer!! Massive well done to you and little man. Congratulations! I hope you get well soon to enjoy him even more. Xxx


Congratulations. Bloody hell and I thought when I fainted in the shower after birth was bad but blimey...but glad little Nathan is well and ur able to bf him. Hopefully u will b able to go home soon but its gd ur being well looked after. Take it easy xx


Wow. That all sounds very traumatic but I'm glad you and your little one are safe and sound and doing well.

Congratulations xx

Hope you get home soon xx


Congratulations to you and your partner. So glad he's here safe and sound. Can't believe what you went through! Thank goodness you are being looked after so well and are ok. xx


Congratulations, so glad you're both ok x


Wow bless you..... You really went through it!!! Congratulations on the birth of you boy. Hope you feel better soon x x


Sounds like a very scary experience but glad everything is ok and congratulations x


Gosh you poor thing. Glad little one is ok. Do they know what caused the seizure? x


It's great to hear that Nathan made it into the world safely after all that trauma and that you are ok. That's a day you'll never forget! Congratulations

Great name by the way - Nathan is my son's middle name xx


OMG that's crazy! Thank god your were ok and got your little man out what with the Pre-Eclampsia too, I hope you are able to leave hospital soon.

Welcome to the world Nathan, Mummy went through a lot to deliver you so be nice to her ;-)

BF is awesome, takes some work bit once established its even better :-) I'm 12 weeks in now

Take care and will see you on the forum chatting about your little mans trials and tribulations soon Xx


Glad ur both ok! Big congrats xxx


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