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Hi all.i havent been here for a while( busy mummy).hope you all well. my little girl is 16weeks old and so far everything was great.she ate well,slept from 7-5.things changed 2days ago.she's been sick after her evening feed,yesterday the same but she was also screaming for ages(nearly lost her voice).it takes ages for her to bring up wind.just dont understand why it happens if she was fine suggested its reflux and gave her gaviscon.i know i need to mix it with milk but question is :when its still hot or when its cooler?have you got any advice on how to help my baby?i hate seeing her like this :(

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  • You mix it in just before you give the feed, so if you make the milk in advance and refrigerate, I'd just warm a bottle up when she is ready for it and add the sachets and shake really well. Word of warning after a day or two, my LO got really bad constipation!! X

  • Is she only sick after her evening feed? and was she sick alot? Have u started weaning her or have u done anything different seems a bit strange to all of a sudden have reflux....could be colic have u tried gripe water ? Infacol? Suppose no harm in trying the gaviscon see if it helps or not then u can rule it out. .I just thought reflux got better as they got older? Hope u get it sorted and she is back to herself soon let us know how u get on x

  • My menace is on both gaviscon and ranitidine since she was 3 days old. The gaviscon thickens up the formula and will get progressively thicker the longer it is in there so add it just before you give the feed. I also add it after it has been warmed up. Saskia hasn't had constipation but her poo's are firmer. I alternate between adding it to the formula and mixing it with cooled water (as directed on the packet for breast fed babies although she isn't breast feeding). The NNU gave me the guideline of 1ml of gaviscon for every 25ml feed if mixing it this way (I have an oral syringe that they gave me for this).

  • Thank you for your replies.i havent done anything different thats why i dont understand why suddenly she has reflux. I also thought she's too old for colic or only happens in the evening before bed time.when she's calmed down she sleeps till 5am.first time she brought up all its little bit and its looks cheesy sometimes.i give her warm milk and always freshly made.and water in a day.i was gonna give her baby rice with milk but not sure now...gaviscon i've got is in the powder.i've got infacol but i opened over a month ago so probably need new one.the only thing that comes to my mind is she missed her nap at 4.30pm so maybe she was overtired?its terrible when babies are poorly and cant say whats wrong :(

  • Hugo suddenly started with it a few weeks ago, vomiting after every feed. After a week of gaviscon, I stopped giving it cos he was so uncomfortable with constipation I stopped it and he has been fine. Maybe it's just a phase some babies go through?! Xx

  • I hope its just the phase. I can manage with crying and screaming but its so hard watching her suffering like this xx

  • It is! And it's frustrating too! Having them sick all the time! Hugo Wong be sat up after his feed and literally push himself up onto his feet and arch his back and scream! Must be so painful and scary for them! Give the gaviscon a go, then after a while stop it and see what happens, fingers crossed it is a phase and will be back to normal! :) x

  • Only other thing I can think of is intolerance to formula my son started to scream for no reason more so at night. And I went to g.p they changed formula to milk free and he was fine the next day! The milk that is curdled when a bit sick is normal x

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