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Coming off the pill and depression


I have been off the pill now for a month and so far finding it very difficult.

Me and my partner would love to have a baby hence coming of the pill but every since I have had the worst depression every. I had anxiety to begin with but over the past few weeks since coming off i have become so much worse.

I am so confused and having mixed up thought, I feel very distant from my partner and feel like he is irritating me and I tend to snap so much at him I just either go out all the time or sit away from him upstairs, how are we suppose to try for a baby when I dont even want to have sex with him.

This depression is becoming uncontrollable I dont even want to go out to work I cry at the drop of a hat and I just constantly worry and most the time I do not know what I am every worrying about its all so confusing.

I was just wondering if anyone else suffered extreme depression when coming off the pill and if it was a permenant thing or went away once hormones went back to normal, did you get help for it or just let it be.

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No but I think u should see ur g.p its obviously hormone related I get severe pmt and have to take antidepressants. . It really helps with the mood swings not saying that is what u should do especially when trying for a baby but u can't carry on feeling like this :(


It sounds as if your recent moods could or are hormone related yes.

But my "personal" advise is you may want to put on hold the thought of becoming pregnant if you're already finding it difficult to control your moods & levels of depression a "pregnancy" may make things a little worse.

In the meantime you could also try & speak to your G.P about your feelings of coming off the pill as they may have some alternative treatment they can offer you.


I had a fair few mood swings when I came off the pill although not as severe as what you're describing. I went to my GP & they offered to refer me to a counselling service, but then it cleared up after a few months on its own. Definitely sounds like you should see your GP in case there's something they can do to help - no sense in feeling depressed if it could possibly be treated.


Hey. I've never had this issue linked to the pill but felt extremely low and crying all the time, etc for about 5/6 weeks after having my baby. I found it best to talk about my feelings and not bottle them up speak to your partner, explain to him how you feel. Talk to any friends or family you feel comfortable talking to for extra support. And as the ladies have said above, go and see your GP also. Hormones can be troublesome things x

I have the exact same problem. Always had some anxiety issues but since coming off the pill 3 months ago, it's getting progressively worse. I cry easily and the last 2 days, I've sobbed for hours on end for no reason and couldn't stop. My relationship however is different from yours. I used to feel irritated with him when I was on the pill, I now feel closer and more secure in our relationship. Work and the rest of the world around me is what seems to drive me completely nuts. I recently started seeing a naturopath, where again, I cried. But she believes it could be due to a thyroid issue or adrenal glands. I've had blood work done and should get the results soon. I understand completely the feeling of frustration of not being able to control it. ,

I came off the "Yasmin" pill 2 weeks ago and I was fine at first, now I'm suffering with depression/anxiety which I think is totally related to coming off the pill. I have no idea how long it will last but I hope it will soon pass once my hormones regulate again. Is comforting to know that we're not alone and there is a reason we're all feeling like this. X

I've been of birth control for about 2 months after being on something for 22 years(with the exception of a 2 month break about 3 years ago).

I feel like a lunatic. I pride myself on how "normal" I am, but ladies, I feel like crazy is boiling up. I don't like it at all. I stopped because I'm almost 36 and decided to try to have a child with my husband. He supports me and my womanly desire but I have to say that if I test negative come period day...... I am going to get back on them. I don't like the thoughts or feelings in my head. I no longer comfortable with me and my internal instability.

Then the other thought, what if I am becoming a mental patient because I'm actually pregnant? I will be alone by the time the child comes and at this point, at this moment, I don't want one anymore. I just want my selfish life back.

Hi, I was reading your post and feel I'm experiencing similar problems. I'm 36 and stopped taking the pill but about 8 months ago. I feel like a shadow of my former self. I'm anxious, lack motivation, feel easily irritated and snappy - this was never me before and I feel like I'm going mad. Can you tell me if things changed for you and how?


Hey I’m feeling the same way-came off the pill a couple of weeks ago and since then I’m crying at the drop of a hat and feeling anxious etc. My partner is really getting on my nerves and things have just snowballed a bit. I know it’s my hormones but I hope his goes Away after a few weeks it feels awful and it doesn’t help that men don’t show much understanding! Never mind at least we are all in it together and know that it is normal to feel this way ☺️

Yeah I think the pill sort of keeps your hormones level, being on so long you get used to feeling a certain way. And the anxiety of conceiving every month up and down I can’t wait to be back on level and having no periods. He doesn’t irritate me yet! but my kids drive me nuts especially coming up to period week.

I believe that this is what I have been through since coming off the pill. Like many others, I suffered from mild anxiety and depression beforehand, but it was always quite manageable. Since coming off the pill I had the absolute worst depression and anxiety I have ever experienced in my life. I have since gone back on the pill because I couldnt handle it anymore, and my symptoms have definitely improved- I feel almost back to my regular self. Would love to be pill free, but this experience made me very scared of ever trying to come off them.

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Hi, sorry this is two years later and probably a distant memory to you! I came off of the pill five months ago and really struggled. I felt anxious all of the time (which is very unlike me) and had doubts about my relationship which I have never experienced before - I put it down to the fact I feel numb most of the time. I have since gone back on the pill, as you said you had & have been on it for three months now. I do feel as though things are getting better and I have days where I feel completely like I used to, I was just wondering how long it took for you to feel completely like yourself again? I feel I would be a lot more positive about this situation if I had a rough goal as to when I might start feeling myself again.


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