help with possible baby conception please

ok so my boyfriend and I split up he went with someone else she is now 17 weeks pregnant however I don't think this is his child but she has made him think that it is and he was unsure but now he thinks that it is his because men being men they don't actually understand lol and he thinks that how far gone she is is from conception and ive told him that it doesn't work like that but the other girl is no helping the situation by making him think otherwise and I don't want to see him go through all 10 months knowing I was right ok so heres the maths lol....her due date is 12th may 2014 from this her period obviously must of been on the 5th august 2013 my boyfriend slept with her on the sunday which was the 11th august 2013..the following two weeks starting from the week commencing monday 12th august she slept with someone else over the period of the two weeks and my boyfriend was back with me from that point so theres the ending to the bit with him(they split on the sunday 11th) also take into account that for the first two weeks of pregnancy they say you are not really pregnant so I was thinking there wasn't a chance this baby could be my boyfriends and if at all possible by some chance then it would be a very very small one...can anybody help me or tell me as to whether im right or wrong

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  • Ur fertile time can be from the first day after ur period for about a week to ten days... some women ovulate earlier than others .. so it could be either of them I'm afraid. .. my friend concieved from having sex the first day after her period and she was so shocked as she was told that it was highly unlikely that she could of got pregnant then but she did

  • your 2 weeks start from 1st day of period. As babymother has said, it is possible that either of the lads could be the dad as there is no way date-wise to tell who's sperm made it to the egg. Not forgetting also that sperm live in the womb and fallopian tubes for up to 3 days after the sex has happened. Only way to truely know is DNA testing I'm afraid x

  • Sound complicated. The girl he slept with sounds like she is an easy catch if she is going around sleeping with lads and having unprotected sexs. I would be careful if I was you as you never know what she might have. The only way he is going to know is DNA results.

  • I agree with the other two ladies. Due to how long the sperm can survive in the woman, it's impossible to tell until you DNA test the baby. He's made a very silly & potentially life changing mistake. Sorry :(

  • Sounds like one for jeremy kyle.....

    Whoever is the father I hope the baby gets the life and love it deserves.

  • Oh I'm so glad someone said this as I was about to write the same thing! There has been a bit of this soap opera stuff on here lately. The most important person in this is the wee baby.

  • Someone had to say it. It dont take much to put a cap on it!!!!!!!!!! Xx

  • No glove no love lol

  • Pmsl!!!

  • This is a joke,2princes1princess you are right dear. we are not here for jeremy Kyle show or to do a DNA on people. I believe here is for more serious minded people not to be a judge to disgusting issues.

  • There's another person posted about the same issues with the same dates?!?! Bizarre...

  • Really!?

    Sounds like people having a joke!

  • Yh at the bottom of the page where it says more like this, checkout the 1st one on the list....deedee someone or other. I remember reading it not long ago x

  • Good bit of detective work haha.

  • Lol I always remember random stuff so when I read this, I thought I'd read it before lol x

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