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36 weeks with identical twins and being induced tomorrow

Hi there,

Has anyone had twins naturally after being induced?

I had a membrane sweep on Monday and was told that I was 2cm dilated. Apparently this is normal with twins because of the weight pushing down - according to growth charts they are weighing in at 5lb 9 and 6lb 2.

I'm worried about being induced because I've heard it makes it more painful but I'm also keen to try for a natural delivery so that I recover more quickly afterwards.

This may sound weird but I feel bad about forcing my little twins out but all of the professional advice is to deliver identical twins no later than 36/37 weeks because it puts too much strain on the placenta (they share a placenta). All the way through I've been labelled as 'high risk' so my labour is going to be very controlled with lots of people I sincerely hope I can have a good birth experience!



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Hey, I've no experience with twinnies but huge congratulations! You have done an amazing job getting them to such a good weight at this stage! Good luck! I hope you get the delivery you want but don't get down or dis heartened if things don't go to plan and you need help. So long as those babies are here safe and sound!! :) my birth plan went out of the window completely! But I didn't care all that mattered was my son was out and no longer in distress! :) x

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Thank you, I am really pleased with the weights and I'm just praying for a safe and speedy delivery of both babies. It's been a slog these last two weeks carrying around this much weight.

Thanks again for your kind wishes


I bet it has!! You will be fine! :) look forward to hearing they have arrived safe and sound! X


Ahhhh that's awesome that you got to 36 weeks. My friend in Holland is being induced today (to my knowledge) with twins at 37 weeks. Your babies have got to great weights too, you've done an amazing job :-)

I was induced and I would say it wasn't as bad as I was expecting but saying that its so different for everyone. I had a 24hrs pessary to soften and thin cervix, I too was 1-2 dilated and was ready at just over 40 weeks. At 24hrs pessary removed and waters broken, that was fine too! I progressed quickly to fully dilated in about 3hrs without pain relief (don't ask me how, i just channelled the pain) and had some gas and air for the final leg, which did in fact slow my labour down so I had to stop puffing so much and take control.

I felt that my labour was natural too, I just had some help getting started as I was 'high' risk based on maternal age!

It was a very surreal amazing experience! :-)

Exciting times X


If you are already 2cm then you have started yourself, apparently the first couple of cm are supposed to be the hardest to get to from being induced. There was a lady in the bed next tome in hospital and she only went 1cm in 24hours after being induced. If your cervixs is dilating itself then I am sure the extra help from the induction you will go full steam ahead on getting those twinnies out. YES you are right about the recover time after a natural birth you will be back on your feet within an hour after delivery.


Good luck!


Thank you ladies! Eagerly waiting for my phone call to go into the hospital. I'm hoping they don't leave me hanging for too long!! I'm also hoping I might be a bit further dilated now too with a bit of luck.

As you say Megzey hopefully I've already got a head start.

I lay awake half the night thinking I was contracting but they were just Braxton Hicks. I think the babies are quite warm and comfortable in there....maybe they can hear the!!

Thanks again for your support. Hopefully it won't be too long.



don't worry dear,it's well with you and your babies. God will be with you all through the journey and you will deliver them safely xx.


I was induced at 39 weeks and had a good experience. The pessary went in at 10am, waters broke at 5pm and baby was born by 11.45pm, so induced labour can be straight forward and speedy! In terms of pain relief, I coped with gas and air. My little boy was only 5lb 13oz but at two weeks is putting on weight and fit and healthy. Wishing you lots of luck!


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