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Help choosing a mattress please

Hi all, first bump and first post. Have seen lots of helpful advice in this site. We've been given a lovely cot for our nursery but it needs a new mattress. There is so much choice, can anyone give me some advice? Our flat is fairly warm in summer and gets a bit chilly in winter but is heated. Is foam better than springs ? Arghhh... brain not working!

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Hi there, congratulations :D! I really found this to be quite overwhelming trying to figure out what mattress to go with, seeing as all cots need brand new ones anyway and the cot I've inherited is an awkward size. How are you supposed to know which one is the best for you if you've never had a baby before?!

I thought that this was rather helpful and concise with the pros and cons^.

When I asked my dad what we had slept on as babies, he told me a foam mattress had done all 3 of us just fine (I'm just turning 23) - he didn't even know that you could get other types of mattresses LOL! Then only thing that put me off the foam mattress idea was that I had read a few mum's saying that they had needed replacing more-so than the spring mattresses because of baby sick and things making it harder to clean - but then again you do get mattress covers - so not sure how much truth is in that!!

I guess your budget dictates what you can buy. Having looked around for the best price and great reviews, we settled on ordering it from the Kiddicare website (on sites like Mothercare etc it seemed that the best-sellers were all around the £100 mark).

We ended up getting the spring mattress, but only cause there wasn't too much difference in the price from this site. It fits the cot great, is hypo allergenic & comes with spare protective covers that are machine washable. It feels nice and firm but still soft, is a great thickness & all comply to the required British Standards. Delivery was quick - they even text with a time slot to let you know it was on the way! Also, it's 20% off this site at the moment too, which always helps :D!

With regards to babies temperature, we have a room thermometer (well, we bought the Boots non-contact thermometer to save on hassling little one if she's to have a fever, replacing disposable heads and it covers baby, room, food & bath) to make sure environment is between 16-20°C. The mattress is to have one fitted sheet & you can dress baby with appropriate vests or sleepsuits along with swaddling sheets or sleepingbags with varied togs for seasons.

Sorry for the long winded response, I don't seem to be able to type a short response on here :P! Can't wait to let the little one try it out, but in saying that, she will have to grow out her moses basket first :P! Hope my rambling advice helps at all - even though it's all theory, my little one is almost here! xxx

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We got our one from john lewis in the essentials range.its a sprung oh got it on offer for about £35 reduced frm 80 but if u r able to wait until xmas sales u might b able to get some gd deals..kiddicare have some aswell tht look gd so might be worth a trip. X


If you can I'd go with a sprung mattress as it offers more support and is likely to last longer. Some of them are designed to be used both sides so you can turn it and keep wear more even. I'm waiting for the sales so I can get a sprung one. I thought this brief explanation on this site was good In their brochure they have a 2 page table which shows the different features the different types have. This allowed me to see what I thought was important and choose a type. Hope that helps


Thanks guys. Have a few weeks yet so will give the sales a chance! :)


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