Recurring bladder infection

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and keep getting bladder infections. The first one at 10 weeks was found out after a routine sample was sent off by my midwife. No other symptoms besides feeling nauseous and peeing a lot which is why it went undetected for a while. The second one was at 14 weeks when I asked for it to be checked as I was still feeling nauseous and felt like I needed to pee 5 minutes after I'd just been and slightly stinging after going. The same thing has been happening the last few days so went to Dr's this morning and I've been given antibiotics again so this will be the 3rd time in 6 weeks. I have been drinking lots of water like at least a pint every hour. The antibiotics I feel do work because I feel much better once they have kicked in and the symptoms seem to go away. The Dr will be sending off a sample to the hospital. I would like to hear if anyone has had this happen with them and what was found out or how they were treated for the infection. The antibiotics I'm on are amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day for 7 days.


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  • Drinking lots or cranberry juice is supposed to be good for recurring water infections.. I've never had one (touch wood) but friends have and they swear by cranberry juice! X

  • I had 2 urine infections and the midwife said to only wear cotton underwear, dont wear nylon tights, use simple or similar shower gel and pee before and after sex as well as drinking lots of water. I have also tried more liquid foods like celery, cucumber, melon and soup. Seems to have helped me as ive not had an infection for 12 weeks now xxx

  • All of the above im doing already. I wonder if it might be down to wearing panty liners. I don't use the scented ones only the plain ones. I've decided to stop using these and see what happens. Problem is when I sneeze I leak a tiny bit!

  • Have you tried those new ones? Always infinity I think they are called? Not like traditional pads at all x

  • I'm 17 weeks and in the same boat hunny except I had no idea I had water infection just put it down to those pesky hormones am on antibiotics am hoping they work xx

  • They gave me 125mg the first time. 250mg the second time. Now I've been put on 500mg for 7 days hope this blasts it out. Been doing everything possible to put a stop to these infections. The final thing to try is stop using panty liners. If I have another infection I'd be flummoxed as to the reason why.

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