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When did you feel baby move for the first time?

I am 21weeks and had scan last week and all progressing well. Not felt any proper movement yet and worried as seems others have already felt baby move.

When did you all feel you LO move?

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I felt my baby very early, at about 16 weeks. But it was just like a "popping" sensation in my side. Didn't feel propped kicking until much later on. Please don't worry, it all depends on your size and the position of baby and the placenta. A girl I worked with didn't feel her baby until she was about 30w!!! X

I was 22 weeks, if this is ur 1st it can b up too 24 weeks, can depend on how ur baby is lying or where ur placenta is, dnt worry those kicks will come and will sometimes take ur breath away, make the most of not having ur ribs beaten on a daily basis x

Everyone is different - I could feel 'flump' moving from 16 weeks, my other half could feel him through my bump from about 19 weeks - I'm quite slight though (size 8 pre-natally). Also the position of your placenta can affect what you feel - especially if it's anterior (at the front) as it'll act as a shock absorber x

I was about 24 weeks!

Have a read of your 20 week scan & see which way placenta is lying- if it's anterior then u won't feel till later- as it acts like a cushion on front of your belly!

You probably are feeling movements but as it's your 1st you won't associates those with baby - that's what happened to me!

Also I found that movements really vary - mine weren't continuous or really strong throughout pregnancy- I had a very healthy 8lb 2oz boy last week!

Try not to worry

Hi, it is really easy to look back and know when you have felt the baby move, but at teh beginning, it is a funny feeling as it is ever so light, along the lines of bubbles. If your placenta at the front, this will be far more internal than on the surface, so that will delay feeelings some more - mine is at the front and so it was later to know for sure, (i.e. when the baby is bigger and stronger) to know that was what I was feeling for sure.

I've had 3 children and for my first 2 (both girls) I hardly felt any movements at all. Any movements were just a gentle fluttering feeling and I ended up being monitored throughout both pregnancies due to low fetal movements. They were also small for dates though so had a few extra scans along the way to check all was going ok. They are both healthy (and very active sporty girls).

My 3rd pregnancy was different in that the movements were so strong they were painful. My little boy wriggled and kicked constantly all day and night for the whole pregnancy. He is also healthy but he was more restless as a baby/toddler than my first 2. Now as a 6 year old, he's always on the go & never still, a real live wire!

I wonder if how the baby moves in pregnancy is a reflection of their personality (as well as health etc of course) Just a thought...

It's easy for me to say try not to worry, but for me, I had little or no fetal movements throughout my first 2 pregnancies and my girls are totally fine. I was worried at the time of course, who wouldn't be, but worrying doesn't help and isn't healthy.

If the lack of fetal movements continues and it is worrying you, you could ask for a scan or extra health checks as it would give you reassurance and peace of mind that all is ok. xx

I felt nothing until about 20 weeks -my placenta is right at the front so was acting like a 'cushion'. Im 35 weeks now and feel a LOT :S

Maybe just the position like the other people have said I didn't feel properly until 25 weeks as I had the placenta at the front and I was size 8 build too don't worry give it a few months before you will wish for them to calm down and stop kicking you're bladder and ribs etc haha x

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