Early scan scare

After nearly 4 years of ttc , i found out at a routine fertility appointment I was Infact pregnant. I got asked to return 10 days later for a scan this was the 18th at this scan the fertility doc says she would have to refer me to the epu for a further scan as she was unsure of dates at this csa she also said she saw a heart beat . 10 days later at the epu the doc says she sees 2 baby's but no heartbeats present , left me thinking I'm miscarrying so after 40 minutes of been left to grieve in a room with my partner I was took to another room to be told to return in 10 days they saw 3 yoksaks but only 2 fetal poles measuring 2.2mm and 2.4mm I'm so confused from one scan being one baby to now has anyone had a similar situation and has anyone returned in 10 days to be told there is a heartbeat . Or am I chasing false hope many hours of google search has led me to hear . Sorry to have babbled on.


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  • Wow, you must be feeling so confused!! I can't relate to this but just want to say, I really really hope you get happy news when you return! X

  • Don't have a clue what's going on I was so bathled and emotional I had to phone the epu bk the next day for them to explain again she only kept saying it's just to early to tell , but the one who done the scans face said it all she said I can actually see 2 baby's but it's bad news im afraid . The words are haunting. I don't want to have hope as I know it will make the pain worse but my partner seems to have a lot of hope things will be fine in 10 days x

  • I cant even imagine how you both must feel. To be given exciting news then to have it taken away, then be left in limbo.. the epu should have handled it better. It's so easy for others to say but try to rest and take it easy. I think there is nothing wrong with hoping and it will help you through but as much and you don't want to, prepare for bad news too. And if things don't work out, there is a lot if support on here, from amazing charities and your partner and family of course! In the meantime as I say, try to relax and talk to your other half, we are always here. If you just want to rant about anything!! X

  • Hi, feeling for you. Really, it is very hard for Drs to see anything before about 7 weeks, so if you are very early stages, then it will be the case of having to wait, esp if this is possibly a multiple pregnancy it could be even later. Make sure they are using the internal scanning with the wand, not one on your tummy, as that will give a much better result. In the meantime, I would encourage you to rest up, the only thing you can control is your activity, and whilst there is no proof that relaxing will help, I'm sure you will feel better if you have properly rested up. Good luck xx

  • Your possibly very early around 5weeks after conception. Judging by google info if a fetal pole and sac was detected and measuring 2.2mm that will put your around 5 weeks gestation. I had a early scan at 5 weeks and didn't show a heart beat because AT&T his stage it's too early. I went back when I thought I was 8 weeks and heartbeat and what looked like a little kidney bean was strong. I wish you the best of luck you may just need to wait. Few weeks to see the heart beat typically detected around 7-8 weeks. :-)

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