Pelvic girdle pain?!

Hello ladies.. Need some advice. I'm 39+5 today (eek!) and did a bit more than I should of last night as my Shetland escaped and I did a bit of running about after him! Anyway inbetween my legs at very top is in excruciating agony!! I can't put my shoes on or take them off, can't bend down, now completely waddling and is so painful when I'm trying to change position on couch or lying in bed. I've been in and out of hospital for the past two week due to high blood pressure, protein in urine etc. I have midwife tomorrow but my partner really wants me to phone the hospital tonight as I'm in quite a bit of pain (only inbetween legs). I don't see the point and will be seeing midwife tomorrow as I'm assuming it's only pelvic girdle pain! Could it be anything else?x

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  • Does sound like Pelvic Girdle after all that exercise, I suffered badly. Call the hospital if your worried, I would air on this side of caution given your recent history and let the pro's decide if you need checking. Are you feeling movements ok? X

  • Feeling movements but he is not as active as he usually is, but still feeling movements!xx

  • Sounds like pelvic girdle pain to me, i think it feels like ive been kicked between my legs. Best advice i can offer is paracetamol and as much rest as you can get. Avoid the stairs if you can and try to keep your knees together when you turn over in bed. My hubby has to help me put my knickers on as standing on one leg is agony. For most people it goes away as soon as baby is born, so at least its not long for you now :-)

  • Haha yes my partner is literally having to lift my legs at points lol!! This is the first time I've actually felt crippled!! Very true :) I really do hope it goes away after!!

  • Yes, sounds very familiar. I took co-codamol for a few days when the pain was unbearable, so it might be worth seeing a health professional to get pain relief. Also I started to use a support belt, which helps a lot. The main thing is to rest, though. Stairs one at a time, keep knees together as much as possible (getting in car etc). It's horrible, so I hope you feel better soon.

  • If it's really bad maybe try seeing a chiropractor in case your pelvis is slightly out of alignment after the unexpected exercise. Many are trained for pregnancy related issues and can be fantastic at removing the source of the pain. Good Luck x

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