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Late feed?

My LO is nearly 12 weeks and currently goes down around 7/7.15pm and is settled to sleep by 8pm having started feeding around 6.30pm. She will sleep usually until 2am when I feed again and then will go through until 6.30am, sometimes 7/7.30.

I've been thinking about how to help her sleep through and wonder if this is possible without a late feed at 10/11pm. I'm concerned about disrupting her natural sleep pattern by introducing a feed at this time.

Interested in your experiences. Do you late feed and if so do you wake baby or do as dream feed? Or have you achieved a full night without it?

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Hey, 'they' say you get them up between 10-11 and do a dream feed to try to top them up before you go to bed without waking them, I have only tried this once when he went to sleep unintentionally early and I could not get him to take the BF. Tonight I laid him down at 7.15, he only slept for 30 minutes, woke, self settled, back to sleep for just 5 minutes so got him up for a feed anyway. I was going to try the dream feed if he stayed asleep. Instead I am going to be putting him down as per usual after feeding at 9.30 and will try to bring that time forward over a week or two and then try the dream feeding once he is going to bed 7-8pm. They say that not all babies will take the dream feed so will have to wait and see on that one.

My little man in 11 weeks tomorrow so similar age but very different body clocks. He sleeps about 7 hrs straight, feeds and then will go down anywhere between 2-3hrs X


Hey!! We had Hugo fed and asleep by 7pm. And he would wake at 12am/1am. We tried both dream feeding and waking to feed at 10pm/11pm but he would still wake at 2/3am so didnt really benefit. The only way we got him to sleep through was waiting till he was 4 months then introducing baby rice in the afternoon at 4/5 pm then milk and bad still at 7pm. He now pretty much always sleeps 7pm - 7am. X


My little man is nearly 12 weeks too..Unfortunately dream feeds dont work with him. I hav just got him too sleep and he usually wakes at bout 3ish..I wud put him down later but I am tired myself so am also going to bed shortly..we hav nearly managed a full night but I think tht was just luck..u cud try it and see if it may work for u..I just found my son woke properly and then his night was disrupted so it didn't help any of us as when I went too feed him he wasn't really hungry..u dont kno if u dont try tho x

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I've found giving my 11wk old a small bottle around 6pm (about 4oz) and then giving her a bath at 8, 6oz bottle at 830 and she will be settled asleep by 930. She's then sleeps through till anytime between 5 & 6am!


We've been doing the dream feed for 5 months and my little guy still wakes between 5 and 6 am. We have tried keeping him up until 9 and giving him hungry baby milk during the dream feed but all to no avail. I guess he is just an early riser. Why didn't we get one one of those magic babies that sleep from 7 to 7???


Leave everything as it is baby will drop the 2am on their own. Mine had exact same pattern he dropped the 2am round 12/13 weeks he cluster feed 4-7 then sleeps until 6am :-) I never woke him to do a late/dream feed x


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