Hi ladies, can i ask your opinions on alcohol during preganancy? I am nearly 23 weeks and and up until recently have not fancied anything to drink at all. I have had a small glass of wine on my 40th birthday last week and a slightly bigger glass when i went to friends for dinner - do you think this is ok? (a week apart). I'm not fussed to be honest but i'm feeling now like it would be nice to have one small glass maybe once every couple of weeks or so. Any thoughts? xx


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  • Hey. Yh I had a little drinky every now and then for occasions. I just didn't overdo it that's all. It did no harm.....a little alcohol is not particularly harmful at all. Just have to be sensible like you sound like you are being. I know some people don't approve at all but it's down to personal choice :-) x

  • I don't think it's a problem! One little wine so infrequently. Especially with Xmas coming up!!! I'd just found out I was pregnant, this time last year and when I met the midwife she even said, a glass of wine occasionally is fine. I personally didn't drink, but think that was due to me not finding out till I was 12w and before finding out I had been to a wedding and drank a lot!! Felt pretty guilty so made the choice not to, even though midwife said (without me even raising the question!!!) It's ok occasionally!

    I think there will be various different opinions on this subject, but at the end of the day it's your body, your baby and your choice.


  • Oh I think thats fine. I went through phases of wanting the odd glass of wine and I think that's absolutely fine.

    My LO is almost 3wks now. Haven't dared have any wine yet as just so tired.

    Just everything in moderation :-)

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with the odd glass. I personally didn't but that was because I'd lost the taste for it (NEVER thought that would happen!) midwife told me to avoid spirits but wine, beer or cider in moderation is ok.

    I'm less sure about drinking while breastfeeding, anybody know how long to wait to feed after a glass of wine?? Really fancy one this evening, she's nearly 8 weeks so it's been a while! X

  • It takes about 2 hours for 1 unit of alcohol to clear from your body. So it's probably an idea to feed baby and have the wine as soon as you can when you know she will be down for a good couple of hours! :) enjoy it! X

  • Perhaps if you are expressing, you could express some "emergency" milk just in case she wakes up unexpectedly x

  • Perfect, thanks for replying. She goes from 8 til 1ish most nights so that should be fine. I'll express some just in case though. Thanks :-)

  • No problem! 8 o'clock = wine o'clock :) x

  • It will make baby sleepy but a few glasses of wine when bf is ok ....that's what my hv told me :)

  • I'm not bothered about alcohol but really love sherry trifle, so planning on that as my xmas present as long as im not in labour ;-)

  • i read on NHS website that they recommend no more than 2 units twice a week. I think a large glass of wine is about 2 units (depends on the strength of the wine). I must admit, I had a half pint of cider shandy a couple of times last week and it hasnt seemed to make any difference on baba who is still happily kicking mummy to death lol. Everything in moderation is fine, especially when u realise that the generation before us drank and smoked through most of their pregnancies and it was the norm then. Enjoying a little tipple every now and then wont hurt :) xx

  • Thanks as always ladies xxxxxx

  • I have a glass of red a week as a treat -I can make a glass of wine last for about 2hrs these days! ;)

    Also, my husband usually offers me a sip of his ale when he has one, which is nice, or will pour me the equivalent of a shot of wine if he has some. Will do no harm and helps me not feel left out -which was a big issue of mine at the start of pregnancy.

  • I would only have as much as I was comfortable with which was about half a glass a week and the occasional half guini. They are not the same but fake (non alcoholic) beer is good if you like the taste, helps you feel included sometimes and it's good in the first three months too as it looks like you are drinking normal beer. I don't like certain fruit fake wine but the fizz in the champagne style bottle isn't bad and you can have it all to yourself.

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