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Experience of induction please?!

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So I am 40 weeks TODAY! I'm in no rush, but I want to have a natural birth at the birth centre, so if I go over 42 weeks I will have to go to hospital. Saw the midwife yesterday and she mentioned possibility of having a sweep at next week's appointment. My pregnancy has been very healthy and straightforward and baby is fully engaged. Did have period pains for a few days but not much in the last few days. All my Mum's babies were at least 10 days late so maybe I will be the same?

I don't want to be induced with a drip if I can avoid it as I don't want much intervention. I am DEAD SET against having an epidural as I already have back problems.

Has anyone had a successful sweep that led to a natural birth? Or did you still need other help? I am drinking raspberry leaf tea (have been since 35 weeks) and now on 3 cups a day. Also trying sex and curry! Unfortunately due to pelvic pain since 26 weeks am not very mobile so walking is out of the question.

Let me know your experience.. I don't wanna leave it too long and end up in hospital :(

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Sweeps will work if ur body is ready to go into labour but just needs an extra push. .. it just gets the hormones going that kick start labour so no harm in giving it a go if ur not ready it won't work but after 40 weeks it's more effective.. ur have to let us know if u do decide and if it worked for u... some women have a sweep and by that evening or the next day things start happening :)

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Yes I've heard the sweep is less severe! I will let you know!

I didn't have a sweep but my sister did and it got her going. Another friend had a pessary to induce her and her husband insisted she wanted to have the baby in the birthing pool, hospital was resistant to begin with but allowed her and she had a beautiful calm natural birth.

I didn't like the raspberry leaf tea so bought the capsules and I think they were more effective!

Also have you heard about using alternative therapies like acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy? Find a practitioner that knows about bringing on labour, it might be worth a try. Focus on relaxing and visualise the baby moving down and being born (you may be able to tell I was desperate not to be induced too). All the best.

Yeah I've been reading the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing book and listening to the cd every other night, along with the Margaret Howell relaxation cd. Am hoping to use relaxation and visualisation with the support of my boyfriend. I also have some lavender oil which I have been using to help me sleep and plan to use aromatherapy during birth if i get to go to the birth centre, as this is a treatment they offer.

I could try some reflexology as well but waiting to see how things go in the next few days. Which would you recommend more, reflexology or acupuncture? Have you tried either to induce labour?

Thanks :)

I did hypnobirthing, Mongan method, brilliant! I haven't tried either, but would say go with whichever you feel more comfortable with. I've had reflexology before when not pregnant and thought it was good, never tried acupressure. It would also depend on finding someone I felt happy and confident with to do it.

I was 40 + 4 when my lo was born, but I did lots of walking (slow) as I could and as you say sex!

I heard Mongan method is good but I don't have that one. I walked loads today and was in agony with my crutches but hoping with the 'period pains' I've been getting all day that it's got things moving...?

I'm sure they're all pretty similar, mongan is rather American, but my friend recommended it and I didn't know about any others. Hope the walking helped, take care of yourself. Remember when it comes to actually giving birth your main aim is to get your little one safely out and once you're in labour you'll know what you can manage/cope with. My labour lasted 49 hours, but the contractions weren't that painful for the first 40 hours ish, I was able to sleep and stay at home. Then at the midwife led unit I went in the birthing pool and had gas and air when the contractions were stronger. My baby was back to back and labour was progressing too slowly so they blue lighted me to the hospital which was 15 mins away, my husband had to go in the car. The gas and air ran out in the ambulance so I think my hypnobirthing really kicked in then. Arrived at the hospital, they checked me and I was fully dilated, had a natural birth, had to be cut, but that healed up well. Doesn't sound like a great birth story, but the way I see it if I'd been at the hospital the whole time I wouldn't have had the ambulance jiggling me about! It couldn't have been that bad number 2 is due in March and I'm hoping to have a home birth this time.

Every birth is unique, it's your mental attitude that's important and you have to take the positive from whatever happens at yours.

Yes I think my main aim is to try and stay calm. I may well end up in hospital - you never know. I guess all I can control is how I deal with whatever happens.

Thanks :)

I was induced because my waters were very low. My waters were broken and there was a bit too much blood for comfort so they wanted baby out quick enough. Was put on syntocinon and was hoping to have an epidural but there was no time. Labour lasted only 5.5 hours. Intensely painful for only about 1.5 hours. Was so fast, my husband who had been sent home to sleep only made it in 40 minutes before the birth. It was all a bit mad and rushed but I recovered really fast.

By the way I didn't want to scare you there. I was relieved my wee man arrived safe and well. I did need some intervention but I just wanted to say if you need it, it's not that bad. Yes it hurt but it didn't hurt for long and I was up and walking around within the hour.

No that's ok, I'd rather know! Glad it all went well in the end. I've heard the syntocinon is pretty intense. Just hope if I have to have it I can still manage without an epidural...

I'm sure you will. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was all "I'm no martyr so I'll be having the epidural" but in the end I didn't even have paracetamol. You have the right attitude and an open mind so you'll do great! Best if luck! X

I was induced and posted about it on here, will grab the link for you xx

I had a sweep on the Tuesday when I was 39+6 and 1-2cm dilated and effacing, it didn't work, went back on Friday for a check up and 2nd one and that's when induction began....baby decided, it was finally out of my control as I wanted to wait until the Monday for Induction after a 2nd sweep which didn't happen as I was basically crapping it as heard so many horrible things about it & I wanted to birth as natural as possible.


:-) 11 weeks ago this was now...crazy when I think about it and its so emotional xx

Ah thank you for your birth story, and what a lovely photo! I can't yet get my head round the fact I'll have my baby in my arms in the next couple of weeks... :)

Wish me luck for a straightforward birth xx

Goes without saying hun, good luck!! Might be sooner then you think. Are you all ready for it? Well as ready as I think you can be? Xx

As ready as I can be... nothing else I should have done except practice my hypnobirthing more and read all the books I'd got!!

Just got a new house today and feel as useful as a chocolate fireguard with all the things that need doing. Very frustrating not being able to do anything when there is so much to do!

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