Any advice on how to get extra sleep - I know I have an 8 week old, going to have to put up with lack of sleep! thing is he is sleeping. Since his jabs he's been a little harder to settle, but still goes to bed about 10pm sleeps til 1.30am goes straight back down after a feed and is up again between 4 and 5am before sleeping until about 8, sometimes even 9. but I'm now into my fifth day of not sleeping at all! Most have managed is a doze on wed night! Now have a cracking head ache and know its from lack of sleep. Occasionally suffer migraines and is heading to that level. Just can't seem to switch off! Any advice welcome x

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  • Nice warm milky drink, a warm bath and reading helps me when I struggle to relax enough to sleep x

  • It's really hard to switch off sometimes, echo what fattyboom said. As silly as it sounds, breathing techniques really help too. Slow steady deep breathing through your nose. You can also get really nice smelling pillow sprays that have a nice relaxing scent. Molton Brown do a lovely one! X

  • Might try the pillow thing, think my mum used to do something similar when I had trouble sleeping as a teen, never thought about it until you said, thanks, done everything else. Normally a warm bath would be enough but totally failing me at mo x

  • No problem! :) think Avon do one that will be reasonable price! The molton Brown one will be about £17. There are several options on eBay and Amazon x

  • I feel for u..u def need sleep. .. try going to bed when ur really tired no tea or coffee in the evening hormones can play a part in it I used to find I couldn't sleep before my period... hope u get a decent nights sleep soon x

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