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My lo is now 7 weeks old and has suffered with reflux since she was born, she was prescribed domperidone and ranitidine but got no better with it, we had an appointment with the hospital today and they have now increased the medication but also prescribed gaviscon, I was a little bit worried that they said to add 2 sachets to each feed when lo feeds every 2 hours, I know this sounds silly but can she od on this and also they didn't write how long she needs to take the gaviscon for. Her other medicine needs to be reviewed by my gp in 4 weeks time, they only gave me 60 sachets so only going to last a few days at the rate my little monster feeds!! Sorry for the long post but anyone else been in this situation??? Also she is taking cow and gate anti reflux formula which I mentioned but on the gaviscon packaging it says don't add to thickened formulas, so confused!!!

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Hi! My little boy has recently been showing symptoms of reflux (21 weeks old) he has been given gaviscon too. You can only give it 6x in 24 hours.

Hugos reflux isn't too bad so I'm going to see how we get on without it as is has caused constipation! He does 6-10 tiny solid poops a day. He is very uncomfortable and I'm not sure it's benefiting all that much because it's just causing another problem. So just a warning on the poop front for you!!

If your LO feeds so many times, I'd say alternate it with and without throughout the day! Xx


Thanks rachgibson, it's so hard when they are poorly but I am starting to deal with it!!

I think I need to go and speak to my dr as been given completely different instructions from the hospital then what's on the packet.

Thanks for the heads up about the poo!! I'm lucky if she goes every 2 days so should be fun!! xx


No problem! Def speak to doc. I ended up calling the pharmacy as you will have read it says put 2 sachets in 4oz of milk. Gp just said put it in his feeds. I was unsure as Hugo has 7oz bottles so can I put it in 7oz or do I have to do 4 with gaviscon and then give another 3?! Pharmacist said can go in 7oz but will work better in 4oz. She was right, he was still sick when I out it in a 7oz bottle but not with 4 then 3!!! That's a pain in itself!

Hope your little girl feels better soon :) xx


It's all so confusing is it!! I was reading that you can only put 2 sachets in 7oz but she only takes 4oz at the moment, grrrr!!

Hope Hugo gets better aswell and out grows it xx


Thanks and your little one too! Must be very difficult for you all! Are the hospital taking good care of you?! X


My lo has been getting treated for reflux since she was about 2 days old although some of the nurses in scbu weren't convinced that she has it. She is on gaviscon and ranitidine. She is now 3 weeks 4 days old. She is taking .6 ml of ranitidine 3x a day with a feed and up to 4ml of gaviscon 6x a day. it's one sachet per 120ml (4oz) of formula - this is what it says on the packets I have. The gaviscon thickens the formula which is why it says not to use with thickened formulas. I have tried adding it to the formula but Saskia doesn't get on with it, so I follow the instructions for breast fed babies - mix it with cooled boiled water and give her up to 4 ml depending on how much milk she has had.

My poor baby also has Laryngomalacia which can go hand in hand with reflux. The noises she makes are quite alarming at times!

Have you been advised to elevate the top end of the cot? This helps to keep the reflux down, also try to keep the baby upright (not lay flat) for 10-15 mins after feeding.


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