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Please hurry up :(

Hello ladies :) so now 39+2 ( where has the time gone!!) I am so totally fed up now!! Been having on and off contractions for the past two weeks now. Woke up with regular contractions last night, managed to get back to sleep, woke up and nothing! Been back and forth to the hospital and have been seen by the midwife everyday for the past week. My arms are black and blue from getting bloods taken so often! I'm so tired of getting poked and prodded everyday but the little man seems far to comfy to budge!! Finally had a fantastic midwife today who sent away all tests to see if I have pre eclampsia as have been having all the symptoms and my blood pressure seems to go up and up each day. Just awaiting her phone call to find out if it is that or not. No more suspected waters leaking but have been keeping an eye out.

Phew! Just feeling so overwhelmed by it all now! I think today's especially a crappy day! I have no energy whatsoever, a persistent headache not wanting to go away, feel so sick and can't stay away from the toilet! And little one is really using me a punching bag today!! I'm so ready for my little man to come out!! Just wish he would hurry up. So sick of everyone saying today could be the day as you just wait on every pain to see if it is the real thing or not. What dosent help is I'm also not allowed to drive so pretty house bound just now :(

Sorry for my moan ladies, just hate doing it to the other half all the time just now :( when they said the last few weeks of pregnancy was hard, I didn't realise it would be like this! Please come soon little man :( mums body could really use a break!!xx

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Ah you do sound so fed up! I remember feeling so desperate for labour to start. I wasn't over due but for some reason going over was one of my biggest fears!! Don't know why! Lol any way I decided to stop willing it to happens then it did!! Lol are you doing any of the wives tales, raspberry leaf tea, ball bouncing, curry, sexy time? Xx


Its so frustrating now! It wouldn't be so bad but the constant monitoring is just overwhelming me! Bouncing on ball every night, tried the curry, I walk 3 miles everyday and not allowed sexy time just incase my waters have been leaking :( haven't tried the raspberry tea though!xx


I know exactly how you feel. Nothing I can say will may even just annoy you because it's all the same stuff lol. I really hope he comes for you soon :-) x


Haha it's still nice to know I'm not the only one been in this position! I've literally become a hermit apart from my midwife and hospital appointments because I'm so fed up of seeing people and them saying "I bet he will be here tomorrow!". I don't have a problem with him being overdue, it's reassuring knowing he will be here in the next two weeks, it's just all this back and forth to the hospital everyday to get monitored, getting bp's and bloods everyday etc. my arms are literally black and blue!!xx


Yh I was sent back and forth to the hospital in the last month, had 4 sweeps and various additional examinations that quickly became uncomfortable! I could barely walk 5 steps without the pressure pains feeling like the baby was about to fall out and was pretty much house bound too.....if you look bk in my posts and see one where I got stranded on the floor lol. I was close to punching anyone who had an opinion about when the baby would come or telling me that I needed to have the baby now like I had a choice!! It was not fun...and it was so hot! Lol x


Hahaha oh that did make me laugh!! I hate it, they are always giving it will you hurry up we are dying to meet him.. Like I'm bloody not!!! Oh I know :( I haven't actually put my heating on in the house at all this year yet!! And see the hospitals, my god I feel like I'm going to pass out after 5 minutes of being in them!! I've been walking around in vest tops!!xx

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