Men!!! Again!!!

So we are on the run down to Christmas. By now I would normally have most my shopping done. (I'm one of those people who really doesn't like Christmas hype so I shop through the year leaving just odds and ends to do close to the day). Last year my OH did his Christmas shopping on Christmas eve! That wasn't happening again. As I've not been mobile and for once internet not been that great for ideas let him do the shopping. After curbed him in a bit to stop him buying random things then saying 'who can we give that too' (no one has enough money to do that, with a baby and a mortgage and just him working we def don't) he's actually been doing a really good job.

So why am I complaining? After he's made a huge fuss and put his foot down with everyone not to buy John loads as he won't remember and they bought us most stuff when he was born he's the one doing the buying. I know he wants to get chance to buy stuff as I think nappies was the only thing we managed to buy for him to start with, everything else was given (much appreciated but think men have this provider instinct he had a little stamped on to start). Thing is he's not consulted me once - not that he has to check in with me, but I'm being cut out of John's Christmas and don't think he realises he's doing it. We were supposed to be going to my mums for christmas and coming back up here for new year (last year we did other way - alternating each year), but she's going in hosp for an operation, which means won't see my side of family and this side got whole big family Christmas organised which I don't really have a part in. they're welcoming but it's def one of few times when I'm an outsider.

Anyways using this as a sounding board as know need to speak to him about it, just don't want to upset him. I know sounds daft but we've been together 3 and a half years now and haven't yet learned how to argue properly, don't want to start now x

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  • Ah Christmas and men. I'm not sure my bloke has even registered its close to Christmas yet lol. He too is the Christmas eve shopper type and I definitely am not so I've stopped that straight away!! We've been together 2 years in January and don't really argue either....I'm hyper and quite loud, he's so laid back he's half asleep all the time, so it consists of me telling him what's what and him saying "oh, ok, sorry about that" lol. seems to work so far haha! Def chat to him about you say, he probably doesn't even realise he's leaving you out a bit xx

  • Lol thts what we r like 6 and a half yrs and no arguments. .dont really kno how with him cz weneva I bring up a point he agrees with me rather than argue lol. Toby has bought and wrapped it all..I only kno hes done it all with the amount of bloody parcels tht arrive on a daily basis lol. Xx

  • The internet great for men isn't it? We have trouble because we can't decide anything lol. Yeah I've been answering door for lots of parcels. Have to say the amazon sale seems to have been really good! Might try and make a weekend when we can do together and brave the mad crowds :/ Thank goodness Christmas is only once a year x

  • Well this year the whole of his side of the family have asked for vouchers so that's a piece of piddle. I'm in charge of buying for my family so that's all in hand. I've bought his pressy already and got a few for James so we are quite organised. However, I did have to repeatedly ask him to ask his family what they wanted, so that was fun. Without me, he would probably miss Xmas altogether lol. Would be cheaper I guess! Haha xx

  • Lol, all of ours said don't get us anything but have fallen for that before and is amazing how sulked with you get. On saying that have managed to come up with some amazing gifts for next to nothing so hopefully we won't be skint in January. Like 1 of his brothers loves the new batman films and we managed to grab a signed film cell thing for £15 and my brother loves final fantasy and managed to get him a mini set of replica swords from it for same price. See, when he puts his mind to it he's brilliant!! On saying that am expecting a last minute xmas eve rushed gift as won't tell him what I want. Right now have everything I want except a horse and don't think we can stretch to that lol x

  • They are good deals! And yes...never fall for that "we don't want anything"'s all a trap!! Got my brothers bday as well coming up so that adds to it all!!

    A horse might be difficult to fit under the tree anyway... :P x

  • The one I want would eat the tree :D x

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