Sterile Saline Nose Drops

Hey everyone, just a quick note to say if any of your little ones are unfortunate enough to have a cold with a stuffy nose the sterile saline nose drops you can get are excellent. You can use them for newborn babies too.

Best to use them sparingly so they don't upset the natural balance of their nose but great for clearing the nose before feeds and if having trouble sleeping.


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  • Also, Olbas Oil for children on your cleavage is a god send for breast feeding, as they can't suck well if their noses are blocked. My LO was 8 weeks when he got his first cold. With the exception of saline drops, most baby cold products are from 3 months old (hence I used the Olbas on me ;-p). Steaming is also good.

    Saline drops are great, as you know by looking at babies face when their nose is finally unblocked (they start tasting the salt - quite cute!)

  • The olbas oil and saline drops have been a godsend. You can actually see the relief when they can finally breathe! The other thing which has been good is a nasal aspirator (basically sucks any nose waste out). He doesn't like it too much but afterwards he's super excited! Bless.

    Hope your little ones and mums to be stay cold free!xx

  • Do you think if I put a drop of adult Olbas at the top of his cot (so not where his head is) it would be ok? I obviously wouldn't use it directly on my boy as I expect it's stronger?

  • Looking at your pic I'm guessing your LO is 3 months plus? Olbas oil can be used from 3 months so this should be fine. I don't think you put it on skin so either on their mattress or a tissue near by should do the trick xxx

  • Yes he's 8 months. I actually prefer Vick (nicer smell and not as potent) but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick at the mo :(

  • Adult Olbas is much, much stronger. Really not sure. A few drops in a bowl of hot water safely under the cot and out of harms way might be ok?

  • Not sure what the 'adult' olbas oil looks like but mine doesn't say it's for children and the ages are from 3 month up but just 1 drop xx

  • I did wonder about a bowl of water with it in actually. Desperation... We had an awful night last night as he was so bunged up! He's become wise to the saline spray so it turns into a bit if a battle in the night! Was going to try one of those snot suckers but I don't think I'll be able to get anywhere near his nose lol!!

  • Oh bless him. The snot suckers work really well if you can get them to let you!!!

  • Yes true I used them both when my LO was 8 weeks old ....didn't take long to clear the cold x

  • I used them when bubs got his 1st snotty at about 2wks, took aim when he was feeling or would fight me hehe :-) Xx

  • And the saline drops were on offer ar Sainsburys for just under £2 ... a bargain! Now has anyone got a cure for the lingering cough??

  • Another tip is put their bed on a slight tilt as this prevents the cold going to their chest and helps them breathe x x

  • Maybe is a Scottish thing but when we needed saline drops even though were only £2 in boots we got them under 'minor ailments' where the pharmacist prescribed them so didn't have to pay. Def best thing we had for him, between that and the shower was soon better x

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