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Not sure what's going on with my body can anyone help plz!

Hi not sure if I've had a period in October. But when I did have my last 1 I bled for 1 day then uky brown discharge for 3 days. This is not normal for me . I normally bleed for 7 days starting very heavy then to light. I'm 34 coming up 35 DEC.Before every period now I get every pregnancy sympyom , this started after I lost my son last yr at 18weeks. I have done 3 pregnancy tests this week all bk neg :( As me & my partner are trying for another one, I'm scared because of my age I think I could be going through change. Plz if anyone has had similar or advice plz help me. Thanx in advance xxx

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I think ur just more aware of ur body I got pregnancy symptoms before my period when I was trying to concieve...the whole cycle is ur body preparing for a pregnancy.. but if there is no embryo them u just have ur period but if there is then ur pregnancy symptoms increase. ..u still have a while to go before u go thru the change so don't panic... and I know it's really easy to say but try and relax and enjoy trying to concieve. . I'm really sorry for ur loss x

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Sorry for your loss.No way u can be going through menopause at 34 though.x


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