Hopefully in the next few days now!

I'm 40+1 today and had a sweep.my midwife said I'm 1cm dilated, so my little Samuel is getting ready! :) had no contractions yet, only nausea. .. anyone that's beem in the same situation and knows how long it might take? Midwife thought he will make an entrance the next few days, and said it's not very likely that she will have to make another sweep on monday. X

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  • Hope that happens for you. I had similar situation and my midwife kept saying he wud be here soon but ended up being induced! x

  • Oh:/ yes, I don't want to wait any longer! X

  • Wont be long now! Good luck :-D xx

  • Nothing happened last night, hoping for today! Bring me some pain! Lol thank you :) x

  • The waiting can be so hard especially when you've gone past your due date. My little man kept me waiting - he's 6 weeks old now and it already seems a long time ago!

    Hopefully it won't be long for you now x

  • Congratulations to your little man:) you have a sweep to get you in labour? How many days over was you? X

  • Thanks :-)

    I had an attempted sweep at 40 + 6 where I was not at all dilated. This had little effect. I then had a sweep at 40 + 11. At this stage I was still not dilated but my cervix had started to efface slightly so midwife was able to do a proper sweep and actually feel Joshua's head!

    I had very frequent Braxton Hicks and felt quite sick an hour or so afterwards. I got period type pains in the evening, then woke up around midnight with contractions every 3-4 mins! My waters went at around 2:40am on the way to hospital and Joshua was born at 3:45am!

    I think as you're already a cm dilated maybe you might be lucky with your 1st sweep or baby might actually come of his/her own accord x

  • Took me 7 days after first sweep and a cm dilation....funny I was still at 1 cm dilation on the 7th day, but started having regular contractions went to triage only 2 cm dilation for next 4 he's....went to 3 in another 45 minutes so was moved to labor ward took epidural as contractions were really strong by then and took 12 hrs to fully dilate, babies head is big (still in 99 percentile) and our pulse rates were going places so they decided to use forcep.....also I had lightening a day before all this and baby was hanging really low I wa unable to walk...my waters were broken after I was half way through....try walking around a museum and sit on the ball...that's what finally saved me from induction ;)

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